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Stacy DeMars


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(561) 531-0912
VRIL is an ancient word for LifeEnergy. With over 12 years of experience in the Healing Arts, I bring my passion and expertise of identifying and releasing blockages to the flow of this LifeEnergy.

As a world-class Massage Therapist & Wellness Consultant I feel the need to share the knowledge I've gained after years of study in Clinical Nutrition, Live Blood Microscopy, Hypnotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, pH balancing, Spiritual Study, as well as Quantum Mechanics.

Realize the results lead to a totally new, all-inclusive method of not only measuring, but re-directing LifeEnergy through innovative technologies, cutting-edge services & life-giving remedies based on intuition, electromagnetism, vibration, & frequency.

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    1 Review

    Stacy is one of the best Massage therapists I have had. Her technique is expert and beautiful, it flows with a rhythm that is almost like a dance. Stacy used a combination of techniques that were very effective. She gave loving attention to every sore spot and tight muscle, and ... Read More »
    - White Lotus Relationship Coach 6/18/15

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