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Karen Seva
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Atlantic Highlands, NJ
New York, NY


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<P>Karen Seva assists individuals in activating their life purpose, awakening to themselves as Spiritual Beings, opening their Inherent Wisdom, releasing past traumas and connecting to Source. She is an Integrative Healing Practitioner - a modality that combines Shamanic Energy Healing, Life Coaching and Sound Healing. As well as, a Transformational Life Coach/ Spiritual Counselor. Karen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, a Master’s degree of Social Work and a Master of Divinity. For nearly 20 years, she has been immersed in the multidisciplinary spiritual, self-help, and psychological fields – with emphasis on meditation; religious studies; native wisdom traditions; human development; transpersonal, behavioral and cognitive psychology; family systems theory; energy work; as well as music and sound healing. </P> <P>In addition to holding 2 Masters degrees, Karen is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Master Reiki Practioner. </P> <P>Karen practices Integrative Healing, which combines Life Coaching and Shamanic Energy Healing in a hands-on, interactive session. The goals of Integrative Healing are to identify energy blocks in the body; activate the client's conscious and subtle awareness' to release emotions and traumas that have been stored in the body on a cellular level; and to bring the system back in balance; resulting, ultimately, in increased vitality, greater positive, conscious, creative flow, and optimum health. These sessions act to harmonize body, mind and spirit by assisting the individual in unearthing stored trauma, identifying larger archetypal patterns, and restoring greater balance, flow and causation to the individual. </P> <P>Transformational Life Coaching/ Spiritual Counseling is client-directed. It relies on assisting individuals in tapping into their power. The methodology is present and future focused - dealing with where you are now and the life you are creating - as opposed to viewing yourself as the sum parts of your past. Transformational Life Coaching is about finding the life you've always wanted, finding the you you've always wanted to be - and living it, being it, and thriving!</P>

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