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Tatiana Berindei
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Northampton, MA

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Before I was introduced to essential oils, I was an herbalist for 10 years, a doula and home birth midwife in training as well as an ordained Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies. When Young Living's oils came into my life, I found my medicines! Within a week of using them I had come out of a fog of trauma and depression that I had been in for over 3 years since the death of my father and brother as well as a traumatic birth and postpartum experience. And the magic of the journey with these oils has continued from there! I started receiving information from the oils about how to help people and began to see what I called "oil auras" on people. I began to channel an intuitive form of healing called Vibrational Realignment, incorporating Stillness Touch, sound, healing stones and the oils. I then became certified in the Raindrop Technique and began practicing it right away, noticing amazing results in the people I worked on. I use only Young Living oils in my practice, as I find them to be different from other essential oils. The care in planting, harvesting and distilling that is used by Young Living preserves the consciousness and vibration of the living plants in the oils, which I have not found in any other oils that I have come across.

It is my firm belief that we are all already whole and healthy in ourselves. When somebody comes to me for "healing" I consider my role to be one of uncovering and supporting the health that is already innately present within each of us and shining a spotlight on that, sort of like a sculptor uncovering the sculpture already present within the stone.

I now offer Traditional Raindrop Technique, Emotional Raindrop Technique (using oils specifically designed for emotional support and release) as well as Intuitive Raindrop Therapy (whereby I intuitively choose the oils to be used in the Raindrop protocol based on what the client is presenting with) and Vibrational Realignment.

I also still work in a Ministerial capacity, offering Spiritual Direction and marriage ceremonies. I feel truly blessed and honored to be able to offer this work to people.

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    2 Reviews

    I had been struggling for about a week to get over the flu....I was tired, sluggish, had a constant headache, and was in a blue mood. After my raindrop session, i went home, had the energy to work out and was in a lovely mood. My headache has finally gone ... Read More »
    - Rebekah Novak 3/10/15
    My Raindrop Technique treatment with Tatiana was wonderful! She took time with me at the beginning of the appointment to discuss my needs and desires for the visit. She made thoughtful suggestions for which oils may give the best benefit for me, as well as allowing me to choose ones ... Read More »
    - Alli Cwalinski 2/3/15

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