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Joanna Chodorowska
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11 Years in Practice
North Wales, PA


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I help you reconnect with your intuition, your health and your mind.
I help you make the connection with the foods you are eating and the symptoms you have.  I help you make choices that align you with your natural energies rather than draining it.
I use Path To Heal energy work to help identify and release the underlying emotional issues that keep you from attaining your goals and dreams.
I work with athletes as I am one as well!  I help you use real foods to help your body and mind perform at its best.  And reconnect you with your innate spirit to move :)
I do not work with fad diets.
I work on changing the food choices so you can learn what really works for you.
I focus on the anti-inflammatory diet since I had a hip replacement in 2014 where I used food changes to make pain go away.  But I also utilized The Path To Heal to help clear emotional blocks also contributing to pain.
I change lives. for the best.

- allergies, IBS, fatigue, weight loss, adrenal exhaustion, pain management, migraines, diabetes, blood sugar management, Crohn's and more.


Skippack, PA
Reiki Training

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