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Ted Parker
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Los Angeles, CA

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Good morning!

My name is Ted Parker and I am a world class massage therapist. I have just returned from 3 years abroad where I was practicing massage therapy in Siberia and on the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus.

I utilize a massage therapy treatment that  integrates the most efficient and effective massage techniques applied over myofascial meridian tension lines to restore (at least improve) postural and appendecular balance and function.

For goal oriented therapy sessions I have adopted a protocol favored in Russia that provides rapid and dramatic beneficial results like reduction in pain, increased strength and range of motion and delayed return of some symptoms. - my record is a client who reports that she was symptom free for 2 years.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Ted Parker, CMA, CMT CMTC
Bring me your aches and pains, poor posture, stiff joints and sore muscles for relief.


Escape your stress and aches and pains with a soothing massage treatment of your full body. This treatment is good to relieve daily stress, recent aches and body pains and improves your sense of well being. The areas treated are all of the functional muscle groups, skin, nervous system, lymphatic system and circulation.


Heal and rehabilitate problem chronic  tension patterns, old injuries and posture distortions. This treatment is effective for long term and recurring physical aches and pains, stiff, sore joints, injury recovery and exaggerated postural distortions. The areas treated are functional muscle groups, deep myofascial tension lines, joints of the extremities, skin, nervous system, lymphatic system and circulation.


An intense exotic therapeutic treatment of the entire body. This treatment is good for otherwise physically fit individual. the entire body is treated while fully clothed with deep compression, lifting, pulling and stretching of the limbs and torso. This treatment is intense and the effects are long lasting.


In combination with soothing massage, hot stones are placed on the major postural muscles of the back and on the limbs. the weight and deep penetrating heat of the stones solve most aches and pains, soak up stress, improve your sense of well being and provide for a profound relaxation experience. most people fall asleep during this mild treatment targeted at reduction and relief of stress and anxiety.


Who should get a massage?
the short answer is everyone. the benefits of massage are universally recognized. the more massage you get, the better you feel. my ideal massage clients are those who have persistent aches n' pains, stress, anxiety and their doctor says there is nothing clinically wrong, and chiropractic care provides limited or temporary relief.

Who should NOT get a massage?
there are some physical and pathological conditions that contraindicate massage. some of these include:
  • cancer . if you have any type of active cancer, or if you have beaten cancer, I will need a note from your doctor that says its ok for you to receive massage.
  • contagious skin conditions for obvious reasons.
  • cold, flu, or just feeling sick . you are most contagious when you are beginning to get sick. if you are starting to feel sick or actually feel sick, a massage will make you much worse.
  • varicose veins . varicose veins are veins that have bad valves that allow blood to pool in them. this can cause a thrombus or blood clot that can be dislodged by massage. this clot can get stuck in your brain, (stroke), heart, (MI or heart attack), lungs (pulmonary thrombosis). all of these are very bad and could potentially be life threatening. sometimes varicose veins are even tender to touch. if you have varicose veins on only a small part of your body, get a note from your doctor that says its ok to massage the rest of you.
  • acute injuries . muscle pulls (mechanical stretching of a contracted muscle) muscle tears(depending on severity), muscle strains and joint sprains, and any sudden onset pain, you have to wait 2 -3 days before you can get massage for it. get a note from your doctor if your not sure.
  • cuts, burns, frostbite, scrapes , these are acute soft tissue injuries and, all things being equal, usually heal in about 2 weeks. come see me after they heal and we can work on the scars and resultant adhesions.
  • blood pressure extremes . get a note from your doctor if you can receive a massage.
  • powerful medications . massage will increase the effect of some powerful medications so please check with your doctor as to when to take them with respect to your massage therapy.

What conditions are massage good for?
  • DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness usually hits hardest 1-3 days after a good workout or intense physical activity like gardening, construction or sports. massage greatly improves DOMS easily.
  • stress / anxiety are improved with massage. because the cause of a persons stress and or anxiety is persistent, managing these conditions is a constant struggle. massage improves the physical manifestations of long term stress and anxiety and turns the volume down on the associated emotions . I recommend everyone who is suffering from stress and or anxiety integrate regular massage into their coping strategy.
  • osteoarthritis . arthritis or joint inflammation that is not from an exaggerated immune response is greatly improved with massage. I will soften and stretch (to tolerance )the muscles around the sore joint restoring balance of pull and even the joint space. NOTE: never pull an arthritic joint, it will get worse. compress the joint along the axis instead. it will feel much better after 90 seconds of compression.
  • fibromyalgia . massage helps firbromyalgia patients feel better. the rule of thumb is less is more. it has been my experience that even though the clients body feels like it wants deep work, it rebounds worse later. so I prefer more frequent, shorter lighter sessions for better results.
  • scars and adhesions . soft tissue scars are fibrous patches made by the body to heal wounds and injuries. these fibers glue together adjacent muscles and tissues. when tissues get stuck together as a result of under use or over use of a muscle, it is called an adhesion. this glue can be broken up with massage and free the adjacent tissues up to move freely once again, thus restoring normal movement.
  • calcification . muscles that have been contracted for a long time become calcified by the body. its like a paint brush that has dried out. I use a special technique to break up adhered and calcified muscles fibers and restore them back into fluffy individual fibers.

How often should I get a massage?
The more massage you get, the better you feel.
I recommend that everyone receive a massage at least once or twice a month to maintain a strong sense of well being.
For those people with physical problems associated with injury recovery, prolonged sitting, standing, driving or a sedentary lifestyle I recommend a course of therapy to start with, then maintenance treatments tapering off to once or twice a month.
If you have a good tolerance for massage therapy, daily treatments are advised for rapid and dramatic improvement.
If you find yourself sore after a treatment during a course of therapy,  then every other day is indicated until your tolerance improves.

What is a massage like?
When you arrive for your massage appointment you will be given a short questionnaire to fill out. This will help me to get an idea of your specific needs and areas of concern. Soft music and aroma therapy fragrance will greet as you are directed to a massage table that has been specially designed for massage comfort and function. Please disrobe and remove your jewelry in private, to your comfort level. lay face down and cover yourself with the top sheet and blanket provided. Your privacy and modesty will be respected at all times. I usually start at your head and work down to your feet, then I will ask you to turn over face up. Please slide down so your head is resting on the table rather than on the face cradle. While face up, I will work from your feet up and finish with your head. Please remember to breathe, relax and try not to help me by moving your limbs. I will gently move your limbs in order to relax complex joints, stretch muscles and assess your range of motion. Sometimes I  will ask you to resist some movement. This is another way to get muscles to relax and release called neuromuscular therapy. After your massage you will get dressed in private and be instructed to drink plenty of water. If you have any residual knots that are nagging you, please tell me, it is an easy fix to turn them off and takes only a couple of minutes. You should feel relatively better, lighter and taller.

What should I bring to a massage?
Please wear loose comfortable clothing if possible.
Bring the note from your doctor if you need one.
Bring any specialty oils or lineaments you would like me to use on you.
Bring payment for your session
Leave your pets at home.

What techniques and modalities do you use?
I use:
Swedish massage
Neuromuscular therapy
reciprocal inhibition
pin and stretch
contract and release
Advanced Muscular Reconditioning
Trigger point Therapy
Passive Stretching
Positional Release
Hot Moist Packs
Hot Stone Therapy
Thai Massage
Lymphatic Drainage
Myofacial Release

Do you massage children?
Yes! for children the sessions are shorter and abbreviated depending on the child's tolerance and patience. for infants, i would rather teach the parents to massage their baby as it is a powerful bonding experience.

Do you massage pregnant women?
I have in the past. I would prefer to refer pregnant clients to someone with specialized training. please call me for a referral.

Please call me or email me if you have any additional questions
818 640 3409


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    1 Review

    I have been a client for numerous years and definetly recommend Ted. His therapeutic massage has greatly improved my bilateral hip pain and problems with my lower back. He's always courteous and professional.
    - Kristen O 1/13/16

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