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Lauren Rock
12 Reviews
8 Referrals
11 Years in Practice
Los Angeles, CA

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Lauren's passion and purpose is to help others reach their true potential and eliminate that which keeps them from their most joyful life.  Lauren has created a highly effective healing technique based on a blend of the powerful healing modalities for a results oriented experience that is also deeply nurturing and emotionally revealing.  She is a certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code, Reiki Tummo and NLP and has worked for over 15 years as a life coach and educator.  She is committed to providing a safe, comforable and confidential healing experience. She excels at creating significant positive changes in a short amount of time.

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    12 Reviews

    Lauren is an incredible healer on so many levels! Just in 3 sessions with her, my heart, mind, body, and spirit have been uplifted, shifted, and cleared. She has helped remind me of my truest beautiful essence and life purpose, all with the sweetest and simplest grace. Can't wait for ... Read More »
    - Christabeth Ingold 1/6/15
    I've been with diabetes type II for many years taking insulin. After seeing Lauren a few times, I noticed that the amount needed reduced by 30%. I had heard that once on insulin one should be resigned to be on it for ever (words from my doctor). Many healers are ... Read More »
    - Stephen Scott 11/6/14
    I have worked with many people over the years, I feel that these people have been some of the top in the United States and potential in the world. When I have a choice I choose to do my metaphysical growth as quickly and elegantly as possible. As we all ... Read More »
    - Brent Bottelsen 9/26/14
    I am so blessed to have found Lauren. She has changed my life in many, many ways. My relationship with my partner and myself has deepened on so many levels, that the changes have been quantum. One of the most amazing parts of working with Lauren, has been to also ... Read More »
    - Janelle Odair 9/9/14


    Miami Beach, FL
    Energy Healing and Empowerment
    Craniosacral Therapy
    Yoga Therapy

    Toronto , ON
    Emotion Code
    BEAM (Bio-energetic Emotional Access Method)
    Therapeutic Touch

    Los Angeles, CA
    Chinese Medicine
    Dr. Sarah

    Los Angeles, CA
    Medical Intuitive

    Santa Barbara, CA
    Swedish Massage
    Craniosacral Therapy
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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