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Shawn Cohen
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Gifted from birth, Psychic and Medium, highly trained Astrologer, Metaphysician, and Past Life Regressionist for over 30 years serving world wide to heal empower and educate those with a desire to know, heal, become awake and aware, seek the truth, the Higher Self and become Spiritually enlightened. Shawn was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. and raised there, educated in Los Angeles with a degree BSc. Metaphysics, trained as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (L.V.N.) favoring Holistic Medicine and trained at The American National Institute for Psychical Research and Development in Westlake, California and graduated in 1983, with a BSc. Metaphysics and studied Psychology before this at the University of Pittsburgh, Shawn is highly educated to help you in all areas of mind, body and spirit. Her website is:

She is also the author of The Tarot, The Tarot Workbook which can be obtained from a link on her website or at which provides POD choice of hard back, soft back or for IPad, Kindle and Ebook.
She has hosted her own web radio show, called The Psychic Cafe,  been a guest on others radio shows and continues to be, (see her website) and is available all over the world on Skype.  See her website for all her services and the prices, PayPal welcomed.

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