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Anne Baker
Could it be your thyroid?
Most of us think of the thyroid as the gland that regulates metabolism and controls body temperature but the thyroid also helps maintain physiological well-being; regulates energy levels and is crucial to a healthy immune system. The thyroid has been called the master gland. The thyroid is actually one of eight glands in the endocrine system (see diagram). This system regulates reproduction; growth and development; cellular metabolism; the balance of nutrients, electrolytes and water and acts to ... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
Yoga For When You Think You Can Not Do Fucking Yoga
"The point is to truly feel not have feelings in my head" Yes, indeedy-roo! Read More
Lori Osterloh-Hagaman
The "New Year You"
It's resolution time, people! Do you have your list of goals? The attributes you will try to finally master?How about setting the bar at a slightly more attainable level this year? How about just picking one thing to do in order to increase your health? I am just as bad as everyone else this time of year. I have a list a mile long of every terrible thing in my life that I am going to solve and improve. I'm going to lose weight, paint the house, be more organized, and exercise every day. I'm going ... Read More
Elana Davidson
How far have you already come?
How far have you already come? At the beginning of a new session with one of my regular clients, I checked in with her about what we'd worked on the last time and if she'd noticed a change. She took a moment to reflect and was surprised to realize that every area in her life related to the goal we'd focused on was moving in the direction of that goal. Sometimes what I've noticed happens after a session, and with any transformation, is that we feel different and proceed from that different place as if it ... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
Q & A of the day: Christ Consciousness?
I've begun getting a few questions related to Christ Consciousness.  I chose two that I think will answer the larger question unasked question. "You say that Jesus moved into you so does that mean you have attained the level of Christ Consciousness?" "What does it mean when people experience Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection during a session? Is that like you giving them Christ Consciousness?" We humans are many-splendored things and our creative minds have wondered about being something other tha... Read More
Heike Zelnhefer
Peace & Calming Essential Oil
Peace & Calming is one of my favorite Essential Oils and it is part of the Essential 7 package that Young Living offers as August promotion. The name "Peace & Calming" says it all :) It is one of the oils that I carry with me wherever I go. Peace & Calming has this lovely citrusy scent (Tangerine and Orange) with a hint of Patchouly, Ylang Ylang, and Blue Tansy. Whenever I smell this scent, I am reminded of freshly peeled oranges, a fresh breeze, and a bed of wildflowers growing in a valley. It h... Read More
Sophia Hansen
The Meaning of Life: To Enjoy It!
Life goes by so fast. Soak it in. Enjoy it. Savor each moment. When you were born you were given a body, the gift of Time, the gifts within your heart and soul, and everything you need from Creator God to support you. THIS is true abundance. You were given these valuable resources to create your life.  Are you appreciating these gifts? Are you using them?  If not, start today. If you're alive there's time.  If you're alive it's never too late - it doesn't matter if you're 8 or 80.  If you have a ... Read More
Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
I Love all things Goddess....
I love how all things are collective and come into the field just when you need them. Maybe before you may not have noticed but now something has changed and all of sudden you are wide open and in comes all this new, lovely, amazing, brilliant information. So with that being said please read this AMAZING ARTICLE about the lovely Goddess Yemaya, whom I would never have gotten to know if it weren't for my clan sistars. I am so blessed to be learning with such wonderful women. The grace love and brilliance that we bring to the table ... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
The Importance of Being an Empath
There are three reasons for my recent posts about empaths. First, I've a class called the Empowered Empath beginning October 4.  Second, there is so much craptastic stuff that's being cut & pasted into 'facts' about what being a psychic empath is & how to be one that I decided to address it rather than keep bitching about it.  The myth-based framework   perpetuates the misplaced ideal of empath as an overly sensitive soul, unable to move through the world without fear, hiding behind barriers to others and other, frankly, cowardly crap.   All that eyeball ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman | Oasis Reiki Dojo
The Shifting World
Global shifts are happening at an accelerated rate and bringing all of us right into the midst of events happening thousands of miles away through worldwide communications, fueled by new technologies and social networks. Some of these shifts are downright scary, especially on the surface. Some are happening right in our own communities. From a spiritual wisdom perspective, the case has always been made that change and balance during change source inside an individual. On the other hand, activists of every stripe rely mostly on outer action. A third approach is ... Read More
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