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Catherine Hession
Feel The Joy!
Like to feel more Joy in your Life? We are often so caught up in routine and analytical thinking that we forget to make time for Joy. Somewhere along the path of life we dropped the 'fun in the moment' aspect of ourselves in an attempt to appear “grown up”. Well why not start growing back down again and getting in touch with the Joy that already exists inside of you and is just dying to be acknowledged and given the space to exist and be expressed. Start today. Take a deep breath. Let go of the serious stuff. Change ... Read More
Pamir Kiciman | Oasis Reiki Dojo
Blog Action Day: Poverty
October 15, 2008 is Blog Action Day, an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. The aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion. I am once again happy to include the Reiki Help Blog in this effort. This year the theme is Poverty . Last year it was The Environment and you can revisit my contribution. The organizers have suggested that a blogger may publish on the subject, donate, or promote Blog Action ... Read More
Amelie St-Pierre
Soul Retrieval from Traumatic Events
Soul Retrieval When I was 7 years old, I was hit by a car in front of the school. It was my first day of grade 1. To bare you the gruesome details, I was stuck under the car until some men saw the accident and ran over to lift the car off me. During that traumatic event, as well as during my hospital stay, I experienced multiple soul loss. I want to share my experience of soul retrieval as it was a powerful session of remembering and repatriating parts of myself. What came up was the memory of trying ... Read More
Barry Kerr
Living In The Now- Easier Said Than Done
by Barry Kerr and Kristine Gay How many times have you found yourself ruminating over some experience in the past and feeling sad or angry about it. Or perhaps you’ve worried about something in the future, imagining some undesirable scenario and feeling anxious or afraid. It’s only human, right? Don’t we all do it? Well yes, we all do it. However some of us do it less than others. And that’s not by accident. People learn to stop it. And there’s a good reason: It doesn’t feel good! In fact, if left unchecked, this ... Read More
Adam Coutts
Two Types Of Growth
I came up with a theory many years ago that there are two main ways for us to make significant-impact positive growth in our lives. One way to make a big impact on our life for the better is instantaneous, emotional, intense, and invokes making a courageous and bold big change.  Examples of this would include to decide to take our life in a completely different direction (to go back to school to get a graduate degree, to quit a job and become a yoga teacher), to go and ask someone for something (a cute stranger for their number, one ... Read More
Amelie St-Pierre
Love yourself – Part 1 - Your Inner Love Dialogue
Love yourself - Part 1 Your inner love dialogue Do you love your kids? Your family? Your friends? Do you love yourself? Is the last one a little harder to totally acknowledge? One of Reiki’s 5 principles is “I will manifest love and respect to all” and this includes YOU! Do you manifest love and respect to your body? To your mind? To your soul? Do you take care of yourself as well as you take care of your kids for an example? Have you ever stopped yourself and ask if what goes on in your mind’s chatter are ... Read More
Ingrid Oliphant
Kind Suggestions
It’s been kindly suggested that I hold back from sharing my struggles with folks who share my social media stream and, potentially, the general public or potential clients, so that others will see me as an 'expert' & teacher. While I appreciate the sentiment, the idea that people only need to know me as an ‘expert’ or teacher is a little antithetical to how I move through the world.  Despite my appreciation for others’ ideas, I find that I am already restrained at one level and choose not to be restrained in this fashion. I hold myself back in ... Read More
Jessica Sunshine Klein
Gunas of Prakriti
Sunday 10/16/11 Meditation based upon Patanjali's Yoga Sutras Saraswati Andrea Lee and Chitra Jessica Sunshine Starseed Yoga and Wellness of Montclair, NJ Sponsered by The Yoga Life Society OM Namah Sivaya call/response opening chant led by Saraswati-ji. "The essence of a kitten and a tiger is the same." - Master Sivananda Consciousness Everything is infinite consciousness:  unconscious, subconscious, conscious, and superconscious = infinite consciousness.  It is this spiritu... Read More
Jessica Sunshine Klein
Meditation with Chitra and Saraswati
Friday 4.29.11 - Meditation based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Taught by Sisters Saraswati Andrea Lee and Chitra Jessica Sunshine Klein Fridays 8-9am - Starseed Yoga and Wellness in Montclair, NJ Sponsered by The Yoga Life Society ------------------Chitra------------------ Welcome to Meditation!  Let us begin by first tuning into our breath.  Feel the breath.  Follow the flow.  Let the inhalations ... Read More
Esme Carino
Mary Speaks
I am Mary, just Mary.  I am the spirit that has lived the life of Mary from the time of Jesus.  I am asking that all the traditional stories of me be set aside to have the experience of my message for you today. The creation of a sacred heart space for yourself is a gift to you.  It a place for reflection when the lessons are many.  Retreat within to your heart to remove hurt so you may be at peace with the outside world.  This space can be cultivated by each and everyone of you.  My Children, I ... Read More
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