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Jeri Sunok, CPT, RHT
2 Reviews
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20 Years in Practice
Irvine, CA


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When Companies and Families Mind & Body Thrive Happily, We All Succeed.

Make the Time to Get impressive results!

Jeri is proud of her brilliant record in development and implementation of the following:

Exercise Methods

Sports Medicine

Wellness Strategies with kinesthesia coaching

New-Improved Results / Findings in Sustainable Injury Care

Fitness Longevity

With her fiery passion, diligence, and very hard work, Jeri has a strong history of collaboration(s) with doctors, communities, celebrities, athletes, top executives, star pro-athletes, vendors, as well as, other fellow successful entrepreneurs.

"We all stand by her methods and professionalism..."

Trend Publications and Social Media:

Jeri Sunok displays a relenting 5-star customer service, lasting integrity, sharpening skills, identifying, and providing innovative solutions (products / programs).

Former clients also include Kim Basinger, Sally Fields, James Brolin, OC Famous Families and many big name Hollywood directors, writers, agents.

Published Specialist:

· Proven Muscle Recovery Strategies

· Motivation

· Education

· Muscle Strength

· Meditation, Breath Work & Focus

· Mindfulness

· Healing Energy / Flexibility / Posture

· Functional Massage and more!

Jeri invites you to learn more about her bountiful insightfulness of health knowledge, which is grounded by her own mindful practice and nature empathizing ways.


2 Reviews

Always 5-Star tremendous help during the appointment and support thereafter - I should know working with Jeri for over 20 years. To date, I have found no one who can top Jeri; bringing huge combo of experience in healing, flexibility, and injury prevention. More than a therapeutic massage and stretching, ... Read More »
- Barry 5/5/18
“Jeri Sunok is a one-of-a-kind extraordinary person and has a long 5-star record of being a professional therapist. She has a distinctive, great energy and intuitive ability to work miracles for every type of body with back pain, sports injury, and muscle imbalance need it, she can help you” ... Read More »
- Lynn 4/24/18

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