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Mary Wolf
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Houston, TX


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Mary  Wolf
Mary's is of Borneo-Malaysian origin, and has been living in Houston TX since 1998. With her background in Bodybuilding, Aerobic coaching and Asian regional bodybuilding competition for 15 years, she continued her love of sports by personal training in Houston for 2 years. With her knowledge and experience in muscle and strength training it only made sense that she would take the next step up by studying and getting state certified in Massage Therapy as her next profession. Mary started providing expert massages in 2000, since then she has managed to do more than 1000 hours in specialized(CEU) massage techniques, and styles to further her knowledge in her profession. She has also gotten certified as a Massage Instructor in the state of Texas to expand her knowledge to other therapists. Professional and Member of AMBP. Mary certified and specialized in Medical Massage, Sports Massage, Myo-practic for Hip & Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder and Carpal Turnel. For Therapeutic massage, Mary will combined Aroma and Spa Therapy, Swedish and Deep Tissues.
She went to Thailand to learn the Thai Traditional Massage, Reflexology, and to Hawaii for Lomi Lomi Massage.  With all the knowledges, Mary will customized your massage need.
In 2014, Mary decided to pursue her passion as a Golf and Fitness Instructor as part of her self advancement and well being.

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