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Do you need healing but can't afford it?

Are you a Healer who wants to reach more people but don't want to lower your regular rates?

Then Healing Requests is for you!

Healing Requests is a matchmaking service for Healers and those in need of Healing.

You can post a request describing your condition and what kind of healing you are looking for. You can specify In Person or Remote Healing, and the amount you can pay - or even trade for other services you can offer like Babysitting, Accounting, Yardwork, Housekeeping, Repairs or anything in between!

To protect your privacy, you can show or hide your photo, and choose whether to display your full name or just initials. Your email address is always hidden and you'll be contacted privately through HealerSource.

If you are a Healer, you can search through current requests to contact recipients. You can even save your search - our system will email you when someone submits a new request that matches your criteria.

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Jaime Garcia
Contact Jaime
Looking for all types of healers from eastern to western of all modalities and practices, including M.D.s. Not only am I looking to treat myself, but also for my own clients. I'm looking for good people out there that I can refer my own clients to. Since I've moved to Austin, knowing good practitioners has been slow. I rather have you work on me first. I prefer folks that have undergone more training outside their required education. In addition, practitioners that combine their techniques with other methods out there. There should be some cross-practices with all of us. So, mind, body, and...

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looking for a esalen massage in San Antonio Tx.

San antonio, TX · Can pay $ 100 per session

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Bonnie Lynne Haines
Contact Bonnie
I have a tilted anterior tilted pelvis and I'm in need of therapeutic massage. I also and a massage therapist and would love to trade with someone. Also I would love to anyone that can do energy work. I am a massage therapist of five and a half years I have a extensive list of modalities. Some of my modalities are Swedish, hot stone, therapeutic, energy work, myofascial release, essential oil...

Baltimore, MD · Trade for Services

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Beth Stoller
Contact Beth
I was trained at Upledger Institute for CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release.  I began my profession with Energy Healing (LaHoChi...similar to Reiki), then became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am a health advocate, and could possibly irritate you with my great desire to empower you to be healthier....I apologize in advance. LOL
If you would like more info... my website is:

Hollywood, FL · Trade for Services

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Severely depressed, heart broken, lost faith. Any help is greatly appreciated

Richmond, VA · Can pay $ 30 per session

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I have been a very active 20+ yr veteran urban forestry climber / arborist in a declining state of health over last 4 years. Medical doctors say cause unknown. I lived a drug-free & alcohol-free for  life & have never smoked.  My diet has always been pretty decent.  I was a good athlete in high-school. I have an MBA & an Engineering degree from 25 yrs ago.  Have been treated for depression over the last 15+ years. I recently suffered a stroke that affected the right-side of my body & physical balance. I worked hard at 5 wks ...

Hillside, NJ · Can pay $ 30 per session · Trade for Services

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GreyHawk Sutter
Contact GreyHawk
I have learned So much on this EarthWalk and continue to do so each and everyday.
My consciousness recognizes my needs~ I have Let Go of SO much and yet my Body seems "stuck".

I am diagnosed with PTSD and 40+ years of Chronic Pain. I have a pretty good "handle" on the PTSD symptoms and How to cope. I think that much of my chronic pain ~ (excepting for the physical damage from years of physical family repeatedly abused me mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically and my father~ sexually. In protecting my Mom and brothers I ...

Remote Healing · Trade for Services

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Simm Gottesman
Contact Simm

I am an Acupuncture Physician - offering Acupuncture, Massage and Reiki  - I also teach Qi Gong - and  live with a Musical Savant - who is gifted as a healer thru sound & Music -

He is constantly playing music - all kinds and can play any kind of music you would like to hear -

I am in need of help with putting in flooring in my home- and setting up bookshelves and selling many things -  mostly books about healing and ancient manuscripts about Yoga - and metaphysical - documents - given to me by my patients, thru the years...

Boca raton, FL · Trade for Services

Speciality Categories:  Massage · Acupuncture · Acupressure

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I went through some things when I was younger that 9 out of 10 people would have just brushed off, but because of how sensitive and fragile I was, they wrecked havoc on my emotional and spiritual bodies and I have been "frozen" in place since then, and it has negatively impacted every area of my life since then. I need assistance clearing the resulting imprinting out of my system so that I can reach a point where these things no longer impact my life in a negative way. Please let me know if you might be able to help me with this.

Maplewood, NJ

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Je mets mes capacités en tant que guérisseur de servir ceux qui en ont besoin.
Je suis un guérisseur français et je travaille à distance sur photo!

Remote Healing

Speciality Categories:  Alternative Medicine

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