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Healing Request

I have been a very active 20+ yr veteran urban forestry climber / arborist in a declining state of health over last 4 years. Medical doctors say cause unknown. I lived a drug-free & alcohol-free for  life & have never smoked.  My diet has always been pretty decent.  I was a good athlete in high-school. I have an MBA & an Engineering degree from 25 yrs ago.  Have been treated for depression over the last 15+ years. I recently suffered a stroke that affected the right-side of my body & physical balance. I worked hard at 5 wks of rehab in Jan/Feb 2015  & significantly improved my function in all areas except balance. If that's not enough, I am now in need of a hip replacement, and so, am not able to work. Today, I feel run-down most days, & also, deal with a lot of hip-pain.  Have been feeling like some kind of energy flow is out of whack inside me. I don't know much about meditation, but several people mentioned that I should look in the direction of meditation & healing, rather than in the field of traditional medicine, as they have not helped me at all. I wish I had found this website 3 years ago, before my body was beginning to deteriorate.  Thank you for listening.

Hillside, NJ · Can pay $ 30 per session · Trade for Services

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