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GreyHawk Sutter
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I have learned So much on this EarthWalk and continue to do so each and everyday.
My consciousness recognizes my needs~ I have Let Go of SO much and yet my Body seems "stuck".

I am diagnosed with PTSD and 40+ years of Chronic Pain. I have a pretty good "handle" on the PTSD symptoms and How to cope. I think that much of my chronic pain ~ (excepting for the physical damage from years of physical family repeatedly abused me mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically and my father~ sexually. In protecting my Mom and brothers I experienced many serious injuries that back then were Not treated)~ has originated also from psychological "damage" Now please understand I am NOW a Survivor NOT a victim. And I have Healed in SO many ways. I have many Healing "tools" that I utilize on a regular basis.

I guess what I am really looking for is some input on HOW to "catch" my body up with the rest of me. I DO believe that my pain can be alleviated somewhat and that there is a "reason" for it. Perhaps when I discover what WORKS I can then reach out and SHINE that LIGHT of Healing in any direction it is needed.

I would be More than willing to trade a Reading or Crystal Healing Help or even anything that I am experienced in and Teach about.

I live on SSD now and simply cannot afford to monetarily payBut I am Always will to Barter or Trade!!!

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