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Simm Gottesman
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I am an Acupuncture Physician - offering Acupuncture, Massage and Reiki  - I also teach Qi Gong - and  live with a Musical Savant - who is gifted as a healer thru sound & Music -

He is constantly playing music - all kinds and can play any kind of music you would like to hear -

I am in need of help with putting in flooring in my home- and setting up bookshelves and selling many things -  mostly books about healing and ancient manuscripts about Yoga - and metaphysical - documents - given to me by my patients, thru the years, about healers and channelers from the 20's and 30's like Walter Russell  - Feel it is time, to be clearing our home -  of stuff

and - Have a goal of emptying my  storage unit - that I would like to clear out !

I am also interested in finding a place to work where I can offer my services - and an “agent” to help promote my husband’s healing music career  - I play a healing angel harp with him - for yoga classes and group guided meditation groups

Boca raton, FL · Trade for Services

Speciality Categories:  Massage · Acupuncture · Acupressure

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