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Anne E Bachop PhD
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20 Years in Practice
Harrisburg, PA

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Anne began her journey in healing as a nurse, and continued it as a Graphic Arts Director and amateur photographer and poet. She has her masters in Earth Literacy (spirituality and the environment), and a PhD in Art and Healing (using creativity to heal). Her most recent endeavor was to become certified as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. Anne believes that faith, nature and our own creativity have a role in healing. Her passion is creating safe and sacred space and relationships. Anne's gift is being able to support the client's innate ability to grow and heal themselves. She has a healing practice, and is available for talks, seminars and workshops on a variety of integrated health related topics. For more information visit her website at

As a certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner Anne facilitates the integration of both the inner and outer dimensions—physical, auric, Haric and spirit. This type of energy healing includes clearing and charging the energy field, as well as repairing the energy structures of organs and chakras. It encompasses the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies and works to support, balance, and reconnect through intentionality and core essence. Healings may include hands-on table work, education, discussion or imaginative or ritual creation. Anne also gives Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification and is a certified aromatherapist.

Her weekly blog can be found at:

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