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Heather Strehse
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20+ Years in Practice
Glenside, PA

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Heather offers a unique tapestry of alternative healing modalities.  Over the past 25 years, Heather has studied with a variety of renowned shamanic, energy medicine, and sound therapy teachers.  She has been in active study since the age of seventeen.

Heather holds a Mastership in Sound Therapy, is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and is a member of multiple shamanic societies.

She is devoted to working with Spirit, the aide of guides (her's and the client's), highest truth, and ancient indigenous wisdom to help clients engage in their own healing abilities.  She will serve as a conduit or hollow bone to help resolve and release issues long held at the deepest levels, to transcend limiting beliefs, and create a life that is meaningful, vibrant, and authentic.

Heather brings to her work deep integrity, compassion, fortitude, intuition, and over 20 years of shamanic practice in support of hers and others' journeys of healing, personal mastery, and authenticity.

Heather uses sacred sound instruments such as Himalayan singing bowls, bells, gongs and drums to invoke powerful, positive sound and vibration to restore harmony and re-establish healthy and balanced patterns at the core cellular level. During sound healing sessions the vibration of the instrument will permeate every organism of the recipient.  While inducing deep states of relaxation and quieting the chatter of the mind, these sound currents and vibrations will provide cellular balance at a molecular level allowing the receiver to be in touch with the true essence of their being.  Offering a vast improvement of mental, physical and spiritual health.

-Deep relaxation and stress reduction

-Balance entire chakra system

-Remove blockages and toxins

-Purify and harmonize your emotions and feelings

-Cleanse negative energy

-Release emotional imbalances

-Promote deep sleep

-Relief from headaches and other disorders

Other Services Offered:

* Soul Retrieval

* Personal Power Restoration

* Shamanic Divination & Extraction

* Space Clearing

* Spiritual Emergency

* Compassionate Depossession

* End of Life Transition

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Montgomery Integrative Health Building: 1108 East Willow Grove Ave. Second Floor Glenside, PA 19038 USA

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