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Michelle Loan Ornelas
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7 Years in Practice
Garden Grove, CA


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Greetings, Gods and Godesses.

It it my intention to provide professional quality service to you through the healing arts.   My life and practices takes on a full, holistic approach to address the needs of your entire being as body, mind, soul, and spirit. Your overall health and well being is my priority, and I solely commit to YOUR commitment to this.

In the physical, I specialize in bodywork and massage that flows specifically to your needs.  I aim to promote self-awareness and mindfulness to empower you to transform your pains and manage your health goals.  I provided in-home services for residents of Orange County, California.

In the non-physical, I dedicate my life to serve the highest good of all through service for all humanity.  As a 2nd step initiate from The Modern Mystery School, I fulfill part of my contract on earth through offering Life Activations for my fellow human family.  The higher teachings of The Modern Mystery School stems from The unbroken lineage of King Salomon which grants spiritual authority for initiates to facilitate various healings and to properly anchor its energies. Receiving a Life Activation is truly an awakening for the soul to unravel the divine blueprint of one's self and offers opportunities and strength to fulfill one's fullest potential.

1 Review

I can safely say that Life Activation was the most important gift I've ever given myself, opening me up to healing in ways I never thought possible. I must admit, I also offer this service. I can attest to the profound impact it has had on my life, and why ... Read More »
- Anthony Long 3/21/16

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