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Keirstin Proud
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Framingham, MA

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"My intention is to help balance and empower beings to see their true inner light to move forward in healing their lives. I hope to teach a new awareness of body, mind, and spirit."

Keirstin Proud is the owner of Proud Love. She is an inspirational teacher, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Certified Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, Spirit Medium, Energy Healer and a graduate of Universal Kabbalah. Keirstin also holds a BA in Performing and Visual Arts from the University of South Florida. From a very young age she has been on a quest for truth and light. After spending several of her adult years in theatre and then the business world, Keirstin became passionate about discovering her life’s purpose and embarked on a zealous journey of healing and discovery. In addition to her personal meditation practice, Keirstin started her journey of intense training with the Modern Mystery School in 2012. She has always had a passion for helping others. Her journey of self discovery and healing led her on a path of empowering others. In this world of violence and fear she seeks to be a refuge of light and hope. It is her desire to empower others to see the true potential they carry within themselves.

"Ever since I can remember I have been searching for the answer to the question “who am I”. I struggled with never feeling like I fit in anywhere, even in my own family. When I was in my teenage years my questions about life developed into anger, confusion and then later as an adult into depression. I spent a good portion of my adult life learning how to "find" myself. Something that always kept resurfacing was; there are many techniques and energy systems out there, which one do you choose? I discovered, in my many years of research, there is no one system that truly can heal everyone. You hold the key that heals you. Everybody has the ability to help heal their own lives. It's finding that "right thing" in which your soul, mind and body resonate with."

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