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Pamir Kiciman | Oasis Reiki Dojo
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20 Years in Practice
Fort Lauderdale, FL


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Pamir Kiciman wants to live in a world where people practice compassion towards themselves, others, and the natural world. As a Reiki teacher and Meditation guide, he's conducted Reiki classes at a hospital, a college of nursing, practiced Reiki at the same hospital, and presented about Reiki at a medical conference.

When he's not helping people improve their lives, he can be found being a dad, writing, curating body/mind/spirit resources (Meditation Compassion Mindfulness ), and photographing the world around him ( ).

He has been a full-time Reiki Teacher in South Florida for 20 years, conducting Reiki Classes at his Oasis Reiki Dojo . He teaches all levels of Reiki. His latest focus is to collect the writings on his Reiki Help Blog (since 2007) into a book (see articles below).

Discover how to experience inner happiness, healing, wellness, personal power and love at .

For specific information about Reiki Classes see .

To have a full understanding of Reiki please read Busting Myths About Reiki .
How Reiki fosters spiritual immunity
Role of Spirituality in Wellness

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