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Amber Barton
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Coeymans Hollow, NY

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My journey to provide Reiki, Energetic & Spiritual Healing

Source Reiki is the product of my incredible personal journey to live a happy life.  It is my purpose to share Reiki and energy healing with others to help them do the same.  Through my own exploration I have found easy methods to add balance and joy to any life.  Thirteen foreign countries and forty-six beautiful states later my aim is to bring comfort and inner peace to all who are willing.

Growing up in a broken home provided me the opportunity to be independent and to seek the answers to my own questions. Through this experience I learned to work hard, be self-motivated and determined to create a happy and complete life of my own. I joined the Army as a Combat Medic in 1998 and that’s where my healing journey began. I had always wanted to help others and felt a natural calling to be a healer. I realized that there are many levels of healing, some which could not be recognized by conventional means.

It wasn’t until I experienced my own personal crisis on July, 9, 2003 that I realized how important these other forms of healing are. My only sibling and younger brother died in a tragic car accident. This occurrence changed the course of my entire life. Because of my inability to deploy with my division to Iraq in 2003 I eventually left my military career in 2005.

I was overcome with grief. I struggled with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I tried conventional therapy and grief counseling only to have my councilors push medication on me.  I didn't have a chemical imbalance.  My ailments stemmed from the emotions that came with the passing of my brother. It wasn’t until I discovered Reiki through a friend’s recommendation that I found the therapy that I really needed. After just one session with a Reiki master and teacher I recognized the power of healing your energy and removing the blockages that are stored within each of us after trauma or tragedy. That is when I set out to learn and practice Reiki daily. After seven months of intense study and training I became a Reiki Master and started work to form and build Source Reiki, LLC. My mission is to educate the community about the benefits of recognizing and maintaining good energetic health. I believe as humans we can heal ourselves, mind body and spirit!

If you would like a Reiki treatment but can not afford it, please call me. We can discuss alternatives. No one should be denied Reiki for any reason <3

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    1 Review

    What I noticed right away about my healing with Amber was how instantly she was able to leave her personal life at the door & was focused & grounded. That is important as healer & not always easy to do. She sensed right away on a chakra I knew I ... Read More »
    - Debrah Gladstone, CCH 2/3/15

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