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Michael Hill
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Chicago, IL

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I operate my Holistic Healing Practice out of my home on the NW Side of Chicago, in the Belmont Heights neighborhood. It is based in Pranic (Sanskrit for "energy") Healing and is intended to complement traditional forms of healing. However, it can also be more effective than traditional treatments, depending on the nature of the affliction and/or the receptiveness of the patient.
(NOTE: This is different than Reiki...more elaborate with specific recipes.)

Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, and Philosophical Counseling

There's not much limiting the scope of what I can heal, but stuff that can be easily treated by mainstream methods, such as broken bones or the flu, need not my services. Illnesses like lifelong pains, hypertension/hypo-tension, stress & anxiety, torn tendons/nerve damage, sensory issues, etc. are within the realm for healing...but some take longer to heal than others, and may need more frequent sessions.

2) PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY:                                                                                                         Afflictions such as depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions, autism, and bipolar disorder can be healed without a clinical approach.  There is no need to tell me "your story" for me to help you, but you can if you want.  Similar to Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy seeks to permanently heal the "bad energy" that causes and maintains various mental afflictions.

3) PHILOSOPHICAL COUNSELING:                                                                                               Because the cause of affliction is often negative thinking and the like, it is imperative to heal our minds so that Pranic treatment can endure.   Rooted in the Jungian School of Thought, I have been extensively mentored in areas of great relativity to psychotherapy, including but not limited to ancient philosophy, criminology, political science, psychology, holistic medicines, higher education, and communications, while holding an A.A., 2 - B.A.s, and an M.Ed.  Most counseling is based in the Eastern & Gnostic Mystery Schools teachings, and is markedly different than clinical approaches. Contact me for more info and further explanation.

4) Remote Sessions: DISTANCE HEALING & COUNSELING are available, just contact me for discussion.  (FYI, counseling sessions would likely be held over the phone.)

COST: I try not to charge too much for a session, but there does need to be an exchange of energy in order for my practice to be sustainable. Thus, if you cannot afford the $45 per session please let me know, I will TRY to work something out with you...fair enough?

ALL first-timers get a FREE Consultation & Mini-Treatment Demonstration for your first visit...and this applies to you or anyone you know who may benefit from this service. And since I do not actually touch anyone, there's NO LIABILITY, so you have nothing to lose! Call or message me for an appointment anytime,

Thank you, and HAPPY 2018 !!!

Michael M. Hill, M.Ed.

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    1 Review

    I came to Michael Hill's services through a friend of mine through her Facebook connections and suggested I check it out for my chronic hip pain. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip due to an old injury that my hip joint just wore away with time. I ... Read More »
    - Mike Kopka 3/10/17

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