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Jake LoPresti
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Boulder, CO
Lyons, CO

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Jake LoPresti offers healing modalities to bring inner empowerment and help quickly accelerate your life forward and into motion. With techniques like the Life Activation and Spirit Activation one can make drastic changes for the betterment of their life, and get on path with what their true purpose in this life is. These healing modalities helps you awaken hidden talents and parts of yourself that may have otherwise remained dormant for a large chunk of your life, or even your whole life. Jake also offers a wide variety of healing techniques to help you center your energy, align with your true self, freely flow your natural energy, create a pure mind free of emotional disorder, and alleviate dis-ease within your physical and energetic body. Other healing modalities offered are: Essential Oil Healing, Meridian Acupressure, Jikiden Reiki, Crystal Healing, Laser Light Healing, Golden Spiral Laser Reflexology, Aura Healing and Cleansing, Purpose of Life Reading, and Spark of Life.

For any questions feel free to contact Jake LoPresti at any time by either phone 978-319-3549
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Life Activation  Egyptian Aura Healing  Spirit Activation  Crystal Healing  Essential Oil Healing  Shamanic Aura Clearing  Meridian Acupressure  Laser Light Healing  Golden Spiral Laser Reflexology  Spark of Life  Jikiden Reiki  Spark of Life 

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