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Winter Reflections~ From the Traveler's Journal~
Winter is in full swing here in one of New York's snowiest winters of the past few years. A wonderful gift for the seeker to sit in introspection. The knowledge,growth and the opportunity to live here for the first time has been quite the surprise. I have been learning more American History as it relates to such freedom movements and political concerns. Intriguing indeed, as it relates to the movement towards zero emissions, food and farming and our human rights. From this context, I am feeling more understanding as to my role here now. I see the healing ... Read More
I Matter
The theme of today's treatment with EMDR, eye movement,desensitization, reprocessing~ This is a jump-start to feeling "fine". For someone who may be unaware of types of therapies and what psychology is truly capable of, EMDR is quite amazing to say the least. I have been reading about this modality every since it was referred to me for assisting my personal development and healing. Almost seven years since I was encouraged to receive this work, here it is. Wow! My first session! There were definite cross-overs from the work that I have practice for myself and clients. The key ... Read More
Kombucha Body Balance
As an Energy Awareness Artist, amongst one of many hats worn here to serve the community, support is my intent~ There is no "healing" to be done. Being of support to assist movement of dense energy and listen to the body talk is my main way of being. This is a non-doing in action. Many tools have brought me to this path in life and sharing them is part of my service. As an Associate Polarity Practitioner through accredited American Polarity Board,(APTA) an oath of integrity in my practice of counseling, diet and exercise may be viewed on their ... Read More
Energy Awareness Health Care System
Quotes found on the website for "Colorado School of Energy Studies" These are the pioneers of energy awareness AND they were Doctors & Osteopaths Franklyn Sills, RCST, RPP: The Original Matrix is a bioelectric form expressed at the moment of conception and is the organizing matrix of the human system until the moment of death. Andrew Weil, MD: At the very center of our being is rhythmic movement, a cyclic expansion and contraction that is both in our body and outside it, that is both in our mind and in our body, that is both in our consciousness and not... Read More
Vibrations of Good Words Heal ~~
“Our colors and features differ. However, in the eyes of God (creator/source) We are one - All children of His great kingdom.” - Meishu-sama The belief and associations of words are quite powerful as we have all witnessed throughout our lives. Whether we are feeling the sadness from words or the lack of them from our family or friends,w e are greatly shaped forever. We definitely get to choose wisely in order to keep peace and cause no suffering unto others. This choice allows the magic of healing words to effect others in positive ways! The vibr... Read More
Travel Health + Iodine
As traveling is already an added stress to our system taking the extra time to prepare foods to better adapt the body for a better flow! The following will be updated as time permits for reference to assist you on this step of higher health! Idodine is key especially after the Japan incident! For most of our society there is an epidemic of Hypothyroid concerns! Address while it's early for best results! Read More
Vegetarians Get What They Need!
The following info on Irish Moss is from an article on: Health Benefits: Irish Moss contains A,B,C,D vitamins that nourishes the skin In addition to its functional benefits. Raw Irish Moss is an excellent source of minerals. ***This almost-tasteless seaweed is loaded with life-enhancing nutrients such as *****sulphur compounds, protein, iodine, bromine, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, pectin, B-vitamins and vitamin C. Notably absent from a veg... Read More
Our Earth is not Flat~
Yes, we all now know, the world is round. Up until this was discovered what an illusion we were walking around~ This took Opening the mind, seeing and believing in a new perspective until proven. This takes a breaking down of concepts, bursting our distraction bubbles and taking action. This is the time now it feels. Moments away from the birth of a new earth and day of coming together, reconnecting to what matters and stop killing our planet~ Every moment we have a new choice. Not to use plastic, not to drive if we can carpool, bus or walk ... Read More
Sprouted spreads instead!
I have discovered the simplicity of creating sprout dishes that yield amazing nutrients. Take any favorite salad, vegetable condiment or spread and add sprouts. I am not only speaking of traditional bean sprouts and seeds and nuts as well. The combining of other sprouts gives your dish an flavor that does not leave your guests making remarks such as, "that is healthy huh?" Disguising your sprouts with lemon juice and Shoyu sauce or light salt soy sauce and tahini. My favorite sprout to mix in is oat groats, sunflower seeds and almond sprouts. These are quite "meaty" hearty and t... Read More
These are a few of my favorite things!
“These are a Few of my favorite Foods” ~ When the Sun shines, and an owl cries, food is medicine~~may we all Listen~~` To our bodies, our movements And sometimes the feelings so deep you think you could die~ Stay ALIVE~ EAT LIVE FOODS DAILY Getting to the truth of whole food~ make it yourself, then you will always know! Shake up the DayBeverage 1 C Almonds, sunflowr seeds (soaked 4-8hrs) & rinsed several times 5 figs or 1 T Honey Raw 1/3 Vanilla Bean (optional but well worth it) 1 tsp Cinnimon 1 tsp cardamon Blend all t... Read More
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