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What does your break through look like?
At a recent holistic conference I was asked to speak about how to make 2016 your breakthrough year . For many women, the coming year seems to be a pivotal one.  Folks who have been on the fence about their lives are suddenly ready to take action and take their futures into their own hands. That’s wonderful, since nothing changes without our own intension to call something different into our lives.  The first step is always letting go of whatever it is we have been holding onto that hasn’t been s... Read More
All (Holy) Fired Up and Ready to Go
As an educator, I am a great believer in lifelong learning.  To that end, I recently undertook two learning experiences, earning my certification in aromatherapy from the NYIA and also getting attuned to Holy Fire Reiki. I have been a Reiki master for a number of years, but when I heard about this new energy I thought, "I can do that."  Holy Fire is a new energy being offered by the folks at the International Center for Reiki Training.  Frankly it is the gentlest and conversely the most powerful energy I have experienced. To be ho... Read More
Happy Labor Day, whichever way you look at it
As a kid, I had no idea what Labor Day was about. I only knew it was the last vacation weekend before the beginning of the school year. As an adult, I came to know it was dedicated to workers and the effort they put forth in their employment, but I never thought of it that way. For me, labor has always held the connotation of giving birth. Every mother, even those who were sedated into unconsciousness for the duration, has a birth story for each child. Even adoptive mothers remember that first moment a small baby or young child ... Read More
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