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The Shaman's Trick: It Only Works If You Do It
Sometimes, the greatest tragedies bring the greatest benefit.  Our greatest strengths paradoxically sourced from the same root as our greatest weaknesses.  The death of something old and worn, like a garment from a dying life, is necessary to usher in something new as it is reborn into another form that takes the shape of who we are now. Meta-physical composting .  This is true for individual selves, as it is for communities, families, interpersonal relationships, nations and the entire world.  Such is the path of transformation -- the evolution of the self, identity, spirit, and... Read More
The Shamanic Juice Fast
Why shamanism and juice fasting?  Both juice fasting and shamanism are complete practices and experiences in their own right, harboring many holistic health benefits.  When you bring these two worlds together, there is synergistic experience that enhances the potential for real, lasting change. We start with shamanism.  Shamanism can be understood as a practice of consciousness.  More specifically, it is a practice that guides you through different states of consciousness, typically with a specific intent in mind -- to heal, learn, transform, gain insight or knowledge, interact w... Read More
Deepening Trance
Trance can be defined as a specific state of consciousness .  ( Read more about defining shamanism and states of consciousness here .)  So this means that you are always in a specific state of consciousness, which means that you are already in a trance state.  Thus, whether or not you have the ability to be in trance is not in question.  Difference trance states are the norm in terms of human experience, and everybody experiences multiple trance states throughout a single day.  What is challenging about trance in the context of shamanic practice is learning how to ... Read More
Shamanism as a Path of Transformation
Photo "Medicine Woman" from Our Infinitely Evolving Universe blog Traditionally, shamanic practices are rooted in small communities and tribal societies that lived a primarily pre-modern life.  While all shamanic cultures are most likely not expressions of the idyllic state of oneness with nature that is commonly portrayed, it is at least safe to say that shamanic cultures were certainly much more in tune with and nature-based than typical modern society.  Shamanistic elements also can be traced back to virtually every religious and spiritual... Read More
Invocation and Language
Invocation is the process of calling on a spirit or spirits.  It establishes connection and opens communication to the spirit you are calling, and there is meaning and/or intention inherent in the invocation.  In other words, it does something - it activates a spirit and makes something happen. Invocation resembles the use of language itself.  When using language, there are often many ways to get a message across and deliver an intended meaning, and some of those ways are more effective in certain situations and with certain people, and other ways work best in other circumstances.  ... Read More
Shamanic Healing: A New Look at An Ancient Practice
Shamanic healing is a multi-dimensional experience.  It engages practitioner and participant on every level: emotional, psychological, personal, spiritual, physical, ideological, etc.  The essence of healing itself is derived from an understanding of wholeness , and so the implication is that to be healed is to be made whole again.  In order to be made whole, one must go on the journey of retrieving or reclaiming something that is missing, something vital that causes an imbalance, affliction or suffering. For instance, a very common shamanic healing practice i... Read More
When you forgive, you forgive for yourself. It is an act that frees you from the burden you carry by holding onto what someone else has done. You liberate the weight, the energy, the negativity, the blame, everything. When you don't forgive because you think the other person doesn't deserve it, it ultimately becomes something that you have to endure and experience within yourself. Forgiveness is an act of empowerment, where you empower yourself to be free of the very thing you need to forgive in the first place. Image "Holy Spirit and W... Read More
A Note on Happiness
Happiness is a spirit. It is raw, untamed, and unconditional -- meaning that it manifests without any preconditions or under no circumstances.  It simply emerges, from the same creative space that all things emerge, whole and without any external reason. It just is. Often we think that happiness is the result of other things, things that we do or certain ways of being. And so we try to live by replicating those actions or patterns in order to then be happy. But at its core, happiness is an experience that exists on its own independent of anything e... Read More
Defining Shamanism
This is a tricky question, to be certain.  And while there are many facets and nuances that will not be addressed here, the following article provides a basic framework for understanding what exactly shamanism is. It is important to mention that there are many, many definitions and understandings of shamanism in the world.  Many traditions are active today with longstanding roots that claim to reach back thousands of years, perhaps even longer.  There are also hybrids of traditions, new traditions, modern shamanic practices, disciplines that incorporate shaman... Read More
Shamanic Sessions at The Centre
Announcing regular shamanic sessions at The Centre -- a holistic healing space in Pasadena CA.  A vailable by appointment throughout the week and weekend, days and evenings. A wonderful way to experience shamanism in a peaceful, supportive space. Shamanic work is focused on healing -- spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological -- but this work is also focused on and geared towards personal growth and transformation. This is an offering and opening of space to invite change into your life. ... Read More
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