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An Attitude of Gratitude by, Shawn M. Cohen
If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. If the mountain crumbled to the sea, it would still be you and me. Led Zeppelin wrote those words 4 decades ago now. And the title of this song is, Thank You. It speaks of a great love and that one is grateful for it. Both my great loves in my own life were born in February, both are passed on, so this song is dedicated to them. However, it is a great song for being grateful for being loved in any way. I believe it speaks of ... Read More
So This Is Christmas.......2013
"So this is Christmas...and what have you done? Another year older, and a new one just begun ..." John and Yoko Ono Lennon. I really wanted to put up on this blog entry for December's, Shelter From the Storm , something cheery and bright and filled with hope. But this song, John and Yoko's song from way back, when the Vietnam War was raging in the 1970's, kept playing in my head. I could not get it out and it seemed to me my Muse , my own inner Writer was asking me, above anythin... Read More
WHO ARE YOU? By Shawn M. Cohen
WHO ARE YOU? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW......... There is a question.... a question which lingers whispers in the wind...sometimes it shouts as loud as Rodger Daltry singing in this song.......... WHO ARE YOU? It is the soul crying out, it is the un-trodden path, it is the question of all questions... It wakes you up in the middle of the night from a dream. A wild dream, a scary dream, maybe a surreal dream and you sit up in bed, shaking, sweating, maybe even frightened. "What could have bro... Read More
Shoots, Dumps and Leaves by Shawn M. Cohen
The Conversation , written and sung by Charlene Spiteri from the rock group Texas . Ever have friends ( well how can they really be friends?? ) or people in your life, or on social media or even family members ( maybe especially family members! ) who just call you, dump all their problems on you, tell you all about them, their life, their issues and then when it comes your turn to speak...just leave?? I refer to this as: ... Read More
LOVE IS IN THE AIR, By Shawn M. Cohen
Love Is In The Air, by John Paul Young, here singing as a Guardian Angel to the couple in the movie, "Strictly Ballroom". What we all want is a sweeping, epic romance that makes for a beautiful and life long happy ending....admit it. But how does one get that and is it even truly possible? These are some of the issues I want to raise here in my Metaphysical Blog, "Shelter From The Storm" . The thing is, first it is important to understand what is LOVE? ... Read More
Where Does The Time Go? A Metaphysical Blog, by Shawn M. Cohen
Time by Alan Parsons Project from the Album, "Turn of a Friendly Card" 1980. I have not written on my blog for months, in fact since December last year, 2012. I started with great enthusiasm which is so true to my Aries nature and then I got distracted with other things. So typical of my sign!  But I awoke this morning, a rainy, bleak, cold London morning at the end of May(!) with this song "Time" in my head. I could not even remember who wrote it all those years ago but I knew the song...the words were circ... Read More
December Snow and a Timely Message
December Snow , written by Justin Hayward , from The Moody Blues . Justin sings his heart out about the loss of someone dear to him. How wonderful it all was in September but by the snow fall of December, he has a broken heart. October then November filled with reminiscent memories of times gone by with the person he loves but now she is gone. He sings, with an ache in his voice, "Time, take this sadness from me, Time, bring my heart back safely to me..." These feelings are ... Read More
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. By, Shawn M. Cohen
Pitfalls, Problems, Wrong Turns, Bad Advice, Ego Laden Gurus/Therapists/Teachers, Nonsense Psycho Babble, Dangling Carrots, Backstabbing Bitches and the Road to Hell. It seems so easy, doesn't it? Meditate and become enlightened. Read the right books and get the answers. Tune in to the Higher Self, Higher Spheres, Angels, Masters and Disciples, analyse it all and find the * PATH *  (I have to laugh) (You WISH!) If only it was that simple! No, no, tr... Read More
New Horizons
Welcome back to Shelter From The Storm , a Metaphysical blog which offer to serve the Seeker on the Path, as well as examines the various ways to seek. I asked last time, do you bother? If yes is your answer and the great desire to " KNOW " is there it may well be a reaction to something painful, an event of some sort or injury, illness, grief or anything which makes you wonder. The myriad of complexities that must arise to confuse, stimulate, incur pain and even grief make rich soil for the Seeker to finally declare, "I must fi... Read More
Welcome to my New Metaphysical Blog
Welcome to a place of Sanctuary in a Sea of Confusion! At least, it is my intention to provide this here. I am a Metaphysician. I have been on the Path since I first started asking the question, "Why?" That was 4 decades ago, so I might have learned a thing or two by now. I would like to share some of what I have learned and open up space for others to share here. It is such a crazy world right now, I felt compelled to offer some sanity and solace and maybe some enlightenment. Can I? How do ... Read More
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