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Do it yourself - Solid Perfume Balm
Mother's Day is fast approaching and you may want to make something special. There is still enough time to make this wonderful solid perfume balm that makes everyone's heart sing. This solid Perfum Balm is a wonderful way to nurture your skin while applying some floral scent. I made this one with Joy Young Living Essential Oil blend so it has a hint of Jasmine & Rose as well as an undertone of Ylang Ylang. This perfume balm is mood elevating and lasts for a couple of hours. It is so easy to make! You will need for 1 ... Read More
Lovingness for my Skin
I made a new batch of facial & body cream in one, as I had run out of my all-time-favorite Lavender Cream. I was using a hand cream I had made with Jasmine which is lovely but not as good for my face as the Lavender Cream I had made before. So I went to my kitchen and started calculating how many milligram (I measure in mg because I find it to be more accurate then ounces) I need for a 3 ounces. I ended up with a pint and 1 oz because what I did not calculate in is that ... Read More
I am in control
We always have a choice. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, " Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent ." The above affirmation is part of the Self-Authority Affirmation by Susan Shumsky : I AM in control. I AM one with God. I AM the only authority in my life. I AM divinely protected by the light of my being. I close of my aura and body of light to all but my own God self. Thank you, God, and SO IT IS. It ... Read More
My very good and dear friend recently posted a blog entry about respect , which gave rise to this post. In our fast-paste and quick-fix riddled society, we cannot, in good conscience continue to treat other people as well as our Self the way we have been doing thus far. If I learned one thing from history, it is that violence and an eye-for-an-eye attitude has only brought suffering over centuries to people, countries, and cultures. Retaliation and assigning blame has cost the lives of many. Only love, compassion, and respect for one another can... Read More
What is EFT?
Lately I have been hearing a lot about EFT and Tapping. So I asked my friend Grace, who was just trained in this modality, to write a little about it and explain what it is and what it can do. Here is what she wrote ... Taken from how-to-tap-using-emotional-freedom- technique-eft/ Developed by Gary Craig, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful yet simple self-help acupressure method used to bala... Read More
What is Kinesiology?
This is the first post of many where I invite you on a journey of various alternative or holistic healing modalities. With rising health care costs, increased stress levels, pollution, and/or existential angst, we are in dire need for change. One way to achieve this change is to take charge of our own health and wellbeing. Taking care of our own health and wellness on a regular basis is the best prevention for stress related dis-ease and illness that otherwise manifests in the body. Often, we just don't know what "is out there" for us to explore. New ... Read More
12-21-2012 ... The End of Time
Today, the Mayan Calendar ends. What does that mean? That the world is ending? This version is all over the news and people call it a hype and a big misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Personally, I believe that the Mayans were a highly sophisticated people, had great foresight, and reason of letting the calendar run out of its time. The End of Time can also mean that the way we have been living is coming to an end. And quite frankly, it is about time that something is changing. Our current world is riddled with violen... Read More
Collective Consciousness
In the wake of the most recent mass shooting in Newtown, CT, I had to hit the laptop keys and start writing. So many news headlines, Facebook status updates, twitter posts etc. focus only on one thing - gun control. Newsflash! Nothing ever happens in isolation! I wonder what or who is more dangerous? The gun or the person pulling the trigger? Isn't a gun only as dangerous as the person using it? Why are we not taking better care of those in need? Or why are we not taking better care of each other? Why are we not respecting ... Read More
Living in Truth, Loving Myself
"I love my Self, honor and respect my Self, just the way I am" I find this mantra very reassuring and often use it as the topic for my meditations. I started to meditate almost daily for 10-15 minutes. This is a time when I find peace and connect to my core, to who I truly am. I recently participated in the 21-Day Meditation Challenge by the Chopra Center as well as read interviews with Anita Moorjani . Reading and listening to both was and still is just so incredib... Read More
Peace & Calming Essential Oil
Peace & Calming is one of my favorite Essential Oils and it is part of the Essential 7 package that Young Living offers as August promotion. The name "Peace & Calming" says it all :) It is one of the oils that I carry with me wherever I go. Peace & Calming has this lovely citrusy scent (Tangerine and Orange) with a hint of Patchouly, Ylang Ylang, and Blue Tansy. Whenever I smell this scent, I am reminded of freshly peeled oranges, a fresh breeze, and a bed of wildflowers growing in a valley. It h... Read More
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