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How 10 Minutes Of Meditation Changed Prospective of Life
People often say they are busy and hardly get the time for meditation . Today we are discussing that how only 10 minutes of meditation can heel your sorrow and give a new prospective of life. By sitting cross leg with straight spine and keeping your eyes closed for 10 minutes every day start disconnecting you from the outer world and open a new dimensions of inner mysteries which give you so much pleasure and takes all the tensions and pains. This 10 minutes of practicing medita... Read More
500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in India
“Yoga the essence of life foundation” has designed the 5 00 hours teacher training course in accordance with the Yoga Alliance International in the beautiful valley of KasarDevi Almora, India. The course has been specially designed to understand and experience Yoga in its full form under the tutelage of Yogi Manish , ... Read More
Meditation- The Greatest Luxury
Meditation is the greatest luxury possible on this earth because no feeling is greater than the feeling arise out of meditation. It is an ultimate love affair of individual energy with the universal energy. Medicine and meditation is derived from the same root which means to heel. Medicine helps to heel the physical body while meditation works on deeper layer. Normally our mind lives either in past or in future and it’s difficult to place our mind into present moment, as continuous activities are happ... Read More
YOG NIDRA- A Step To Meditation
Yog Nidra is a relaxation form of ancient science of yoga. It helps to prepare you  for the greatest luxury called meditation and helps yogi to get relax completely. It starts with shavaasana wherein one lie down flat on his back on the mat or on the blanquettes completely in still position like a dead body and then don’t move any part of the body except breathing. To enter into yog Nidra we start giving the command to our own body to relax it physica... Read More
In yoga, we work on our prana energy which is in the form of our breath inhalation and exhalation. By stopping the breath,it freezes the mind for that moment, in that very moment we are not able to think, we are not able to plan, we are neither in future nor in the past, for the moment we are absolute in the present and that very instant we enter into yoga. The whole effort of yoga is to stop the breath (or to freeze the breath that is also called khumbhaka).Initially, we have to work hard  to control ... Read More
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