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What is Sound Massage & does it REALLY work?
Perhaps at some point in your life you learned that the body is a source of energy and matter. Although, contrary to what might seem like common sense to some the body is not entirely solid. It is suggested that the brain and heart alone are composed of 70% fluid, the muscles and lungs 80%, skin %60, and according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, H.H. Mitchell suggests that even our bones are more than %30 fluid. Can you guess what that fluid is? It's not blood. It's water. Our bodies are roughly %60 water. If ... Read More
Why SHOULD or SHOULDN'T we receive deep tissue massage?
I had a friend just ask me today "Why does Deep-Tissue hurt?" He shared a story where he told his previous massage therapist "I just want to try to release pressure off my spine is all to help ease the pain in my back and try to separate my vertebrae" & that peaceful massage experience came to a abrupt halt when his spine was jabbed with the therapists elbow. As a Licensed Massage Therapist these are VERY thought provoking questions to hear! This was my response to him: "Release pressure... Read More
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