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Healing with Crystal Elixir’s and Gem Essences
Healing with Crystal Elixir’s and Gem Essences by Master Psychic Healer- Laura Schwalm-Anthony Crystal and Gem Elixirs are special waters that are attuned with a gemstone’s specific frequencies and vibrations. In this way, the properties of a stones can then be taken internally and applied to the body. Use of gem elixirs has been used for millions of years and in several ancient civilizations as a way of healing the mind, body, and soul. The use of crystals and gemstones has been used as a form of healing and changing conscious... Read More
The Cosmic Law Faith
Faith is the bridge which connects our dreams, passions, and loves to the physical world. Faith asks us to believe in ourselves as well as the universe. Through our creative expressions faith coaxes us into trusting and going further then we can see. To trust in the divine, and spiritual process. Faith is the recognition that spirit works through everything and everyone so, we are always supported. The amount of faith an individual has reflects within their character, habits, and behaviorisms. Faith is the largest leap a person can take because, fait... Read More
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