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No bake brownies with almond flour
No bake brownies are a great treat no matter what time of year, but in the summer, who needs to or wants to turn the oven on?   I modified these from what I had made before to include almond flour , as it also easier to use than raw almonds .  It makes it easier for sure but just as tasty.  And instead of sugar in original recipe, I used dates.  Yes, dates.  Then I added flax seed meal for added fiber, to slow down absorption of sugars. The end result is very tasty!  I think they take me 15 minutes total ... Read More
Are beans carbs?
I did a nutrition talk for the Get Fit Central Bucks program (in partnership with the local YMCA and Doylestown Food Co-Op) on carbohydrates.  I am one of 4 nutrition experts talking about various macro-nutrients in foods, balanced meals, restaurant eating and putting it all together.  My scheduled talk was last night and the question came up as to 'Are beans carbs?  or are they proteins"? This is where it gets interesting as the week before, the nutrition expert talked about the beans being a great source of protein!  Well, they do indeed have protein.  If you look at the ... Read More
Bean salad
2 Bean Salad Ingredients: • 1 can black beans (organic preferred) • 1 can garbanzo beans (organic preferred) • ¾ cup celery, chopped • ½ red pepper, chopped • 1 small tomato, chopped • ½ avocado, chopped • 1 clove garlic, chopped or smashed • optional – ½ cup salmon, herring, sardines or grilled chicken Dressing: • ¼ cup olive oil • tablespoon balsamic vinegar • teaspoon Dijon mustard • 1 teaspoon lemon juice • salt and pepper to taste ... Read More
Baked Potatoes
When I work with athletes or non-athletes, they are always looking for short cuts on how to make quick meals.  I always suggest to make foods ahead of time.  make more than you need especially proteins, so you cook once and have it on hand for a few more days (or freeze what you cannot use in 24 hours).  Planning ahead is a big key to eating healthy.  I personally think about food all the time, and what my next meal will be.  So for me this part is easy.  And baked potatoes is part of that 'making it easy ... Read More
Feeling of relief and joy
" Working with Joanna has been such a joy . Her spirited nature and very accommodating schedule has allowed me to get many sessions in a short amount of time. Sometimes, I'll just sit down in the middle of my work day and have a [Path To Heal] session, then contemplate on the new information and release {the blocks] just as I finish my day. I look forward to each one and never cease to be amazed at such an incredible process each session provides. At first I just wanted to feel better . But taking the journey of each ... Read More
All carbs are not created equal
In the world we live in, we are all a bit phobic about our carbohydrates. Some of rightfully so, and some is unwarranted. We need not be phobic and scared of carbohydrates, as they do have a place in our nutrient and food intake. We just need to be a bit more choosy about which carbohydrates we choose as all carbohydrates are not created equal. First, what are carbohydrates? In food science and in many informal contexts, the term carbohydrate often means any food that is particularly rich in the complex carbohydrate starch (such as cereals, bread and pasta) or ... Read More
Heal me, heal my dog
"This morning I had a The Path to Heal session with Joanna. My goal for the session was for my dogs to behave better when I take them for a run. They were getting too excited when I put their leashes on. On leash, one of my dogs is always pulling the leash making my runs unpleasant. I have the awareness that my dogs pick up on my energy so I thought that The Path would be a great place to work it out. After a great session I went for a run with the dogs. They sat quietly when ... Read More
You changed my life
I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Gillman of Boulder, Co for almost a year. We decided since he keeps telling me " you changed my life ", 'You are the best nutritionist ever" and other superlatives, that it would be a great idea to do a Q & A session via phone. So we did! Our mutual friend Emily Wright connected us. And after countless whining about his stomach issues, she suggested he contact me....the rest is history. How I changed the world of a pro athlete : A : "I th... Read More
Yes, I do eat meat
I somehow give people the impression that because I am eating healthy, I must be a vegetarian. I am hosting a potluck next week, and have already gotten many calls asking if I were vegetarian. One email I got wrote: "I am trying to think what to bring. and normally I bring a meat dish... It seemed to me you were very vegetarian." Yesterday I was asked to my boyfriend's neighbor's for dinner, and same thing.  Both the husband and wife at different times asked: "You eat healthy.  Are you vegetarian?"  My answer is always "I am a ... Read More
Right or Wrong
I work with athletes and non-athletes who are trying to eat healthier every day.  With my help, they don't get a list of right or wrong foods, they get a list of foods to choose from based on a category.  We build meals based on the categories not based on if a food is right or wrong!  We create meals that make you feel better, not foods that make you feel guilty, right or wrong. I get asked in almost each session with clients "What am I doing wrong??"  "What foods are bad for me?" I like to answer ... Read More
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