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What a Glorious Ride
The month of October what a ride! Plane rides, Car Rides, Taxi Rides, Energetic Cosmic rides. We really can do what we set our intentions upon doing. I crossed the boarder into Canada to gain my Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner status both in Ontario and Internationally and ended that where it all began, on the footsteps of John F. Barnes,PT Myofascial Release founder and lead authority as well as my mentor. It was in my discovery of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) that I was becoming aware of energy, subtle energy. I experienced so very profound exchanges with ... Read More
. great place to find alternative medical practioners Read More
To Sedona with MYOFASCIAL love from Florida
As I am getting ready to embark on yet another great adventure to add another layer to my skill set of being able to provide my clients with the most authentic form of John F. Barnes MyoFascial Release to help them on their path to healing. I feel it is my obligation along with my personal passion to learn and refine my skills that I am learning by the most selfless humble mentor I have ever had the great fortune to stand alongside, John F. Barnes. I am eternally grateful for the sharing of knowledge and skills with myself and ... Read More
Physical injuries & illnesses that aren’t ‘physical’? Going beyond self-limiting beliefs! | Energy Therapy
This is a great article and shows what John F. Barnes has been speaking about for over 40 years.  What we believe or the belief systems of society can create restrictions within the Fascial system of the human body.  The presentation of a fascial restriction with solidification of the ground substance looks and acts the same whether its caused by injury of the physical body or the emotional body.  Letting go of belief systems that no longer serve you, releases the restrictive grip on your mind body and soul. Physical injuries & illnesses that aren’t ‘physical’? Going beyond ... Read More
Release of Fears
Fear can save our lives and fear can restrict our lives. If our fears are not addressed be being felt, expressed and then processed in the natural manners and thwarted, then the beginnings of physical restrictions manifest within our bodies. Thus the fear continues to grow and solidify along with the fascial restrictions. The ground substance which is fluid begins to harden, solidify. So we have a choice, face our fears and remain fluid and light "light hearted" or continue to become hardened and rigid. Read More
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