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Oneness from a 7yrs old perspective
The oneness concept from a 7 yrs perspective I was walking in the forest by my house with my daughter. I love forests. I feel forests have so much life and vibrancy. Even the dead trees and leaves, and the needle covered path feel alive. You can hear the songs of birds and the wind rustling through the leaves, but there is a sort of stillness within all that life buzzing. So my daughter, who’s 7, starts to explain to me how everything in life is connected. And what she said blew my mind! It was so simple, yet ... Read More
Soul Retrieval from Traumatic Events
Soul Retrieval When I was 7 years old, I was hit by a car in front of the school. It was my first day of grade 1. To bare you the gruesome details, I was stuck under the car until some men saw the accident and ran over to lift the car off me. During that traumatic event, as well as during my hospital stay, I experienced multiple soul loss. I want to share my experience of soul retrieval as it was a powerful session of remembering and repatriating parts of myself. What came up was the memory of trying ... Read More
Letting Go of Stuff
Letting Go of Stuff In the past few months I’ve been drawn to clean up and clear the clutter. I had done a lot when I moved in with my boyfriend last year, but was still holding on to things I thought I would sell, wear again, use for a special occasion, or just because I had spent money on those items (I was also holding on to what I really wanted to let go of ). But the truth is I didn’t feel really good in 1/3 of the clothes in my closet. I had stop wearing ... Read More
Quotes on Letting Go
Enjoy my favorites quotes on letting go… About the author Amelie help people release untreated emotions and negative energies that constrict and restrict their ability to tap into their true potential. Combining her intuitive skills and her energy healing abilities she guides courageous soul through their personal struggles into personal empowerment. Read More
Free Gifts For Your Spiritual Journey
How many times have you downloaded a free eBook and it has shifted your perspective on something? How many times have you signed up for a gift from someone and it transformed your life? A small gift can make a HUGE difference. From July 7th to July 31st 2014, over a 100 coaches, healers, and such are offering materials to help you on your spiritual journey and in your heart-centered business. Sign up for this huge giveaway launch and get ton of free materials. I also have my own gift on the site. http://y... Read More
My struggle with letting go
Admission of truth : My struggle with letting go Have I really been holding on to the past all this time? Thinking I had grieved, I had let go, and I had really changed my perception of what happened. But in reality, I was still holding on to the last sliver of what had been. This small object had followed me everywhere I had moved. It was always a bit tucked away but was sustaining the memory of a past I wanted to let go of, desperately. Maybe it wouldn’t have had the same weight if I hadn’t feel ... Read More
Why I Stopped ‘trying’ to be Positive
Why I Stopped ‘trying’ to be Positive Ok, let me clearer on that title. I’m not saying you should be negative or stay in your rut, but I believe we should let ourselves feel what we are feeling at every moment. When I try to jump from a negative emotion to a positive emotion, I am telling that emotion that is has no place, no purpose and that it’s wrong. Instead I should acknowledge that emotion for guiding me. For letting me know how I truly feel about something. For showing me what I want and what I ... Read More
How to Prepare for a Healing Session
How to Prepare for a Healing Session Although it is not a requirement to prepare for a healing session it would benefit you to follow a few of these tips. 1 - Mindset Your mindset can have tremendous impact on the results you desire. You can read the previous blog post Difference between therapy and healing to understand the responsibility you have in the healing outcome. The mindset you have prior to the session can influence the effectiveness of the healing. Are you open to receiving a healing ? Are you open to see a change in yo... Read More
What is the difference between healing and therapy?
What is the difference between healing and therapy? You might think those two words are the same, but there is a very important subtlety between the two. What is Therapy? Let’s take the word therapy. Therapy means a treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. So in a sense anything that is applied in order to change the physiology is a therapy. This includes all forms of techniques or modality. A therapy can be very effective in what it can provide. What is Healing? Now’s let take the word healing. Healing is ... Read More
Manifesting Your Desires
Manifesting your desires It's amazing how quickly the winds can shift in one's life. My previous blog entry reflected my emotional surrender. The low point Even though I didn't give up all hope, I began a process of going deeply inward to uncover my fears. As scary and uncomfortable as that was, I chose to accept my truths and face them head on. I could no longer deny my deepest fears as I became more aware and accepting of them. I was still afraid I would never get what I most desired unles... Read More
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