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How Does One Overcome Sexual Trauma to Enjoy a Happy, Fulfilling Sex Life?
Trauma is held in the cellular memory of the body. It can be the result of an accident, surgery or an emotional or physical violation of our boundaries. In order to heal, more is required than merely reaching an intellectual understanding of what happened. It is necessary for the nervous system to release the fight or flight mechanism which got frozen and is re-experiencing the threat over and over again. This can be done gently and effectively through a combination of guided mindful awareness and energy work. Emotion is energy. Energy moves in waves.... Read More
Awaken to Your True Nature
Beneath our personality our True Essence exists as pure, unbound love, blissful peace and ecstatic joy. Spiritual Essence As human beings, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The Being part of our nature is our true nature, our untainted essence which is eternal and untouched. It is the life force which both animates us and infuses every cell of our bodies with consciousness. Our Being or Consciousness is not separate from our bodies, nor is it bound by our bodies. It permeates our physical form and beyond. You Are ... Read More
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