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Sacred Strength
Your sacred strength may be your weakness.  Go deep into the place where you feel most lost.  Where you feel abandoned by Source and bring love to it.  You will understand more fully why you have this lesson.  There are no mistakes.  You are not a victim.  Humility will follow you.  The pieces of your life will come together and you will begin to see the beauty in all of it.  Do not become attached to being a victim but constantly find your center and devise a way to remain there. Miracle healings occur once you summon the bravery you ... Read More
Lion Heart
Addictions to substances are only one way we refuse to live in our power.  Addictions to sex, gaming, shopping are just distractions to keep you from aligning with your brothers and sisters and empower each other.  Keeping you separate from each other is one of the most effective ways to keep you powerless.  Do not believe it for a moment.  Become aware of your addictions and embrace them for what they are.  They make it impossible to focus on your real goal, the adventure of YOU. You may even be addicted to fear: fear of failure, the need for approval ... Read More
A Happy Life
A happy life is based on a simple principle, find your focus and live it.  Sometimes just finding the focus takes many years of experience and experimentation.  All is in order.  There is nothing wasted and you are never lost.  You may discover after years of being in particular profession or relationship that it is no longer satisfying.  You may even wonder what was satisfying about it in the first place.  Do not ponder this too long.  You are continually awakening to the truth of who you are as you become yourself with every experience. The secr... Read More
Mary asks that you choose
Know your heart, Young One.  I do not say that you are young in years but in your development.  It is a great time to be incarnated on the planet.  So much can be accomplished as you connect deeper into yourself.  You have come to experience the unique individual you are.  The adventure is you. The capacity for love that you have already expressed is no where near the boundaries of love that is available for you and your loved ones.  The family of human life has grown in vast numbers because of the expectation that you will all ascend ... Read More
Mary and the Divine Feminine
I, Mary, implore you to find time today and today and today to become quiet.  There is a strong, quiet voice inside you.  Listening to this voice takes dedication to finding the time in your busy life to be still.  The water flows deep within you.  This voice is the Divine Feminine.   It is the creative force of the universe.  Once you connect your personal heart to the flow of the universal energy of the Divine Feminine you will find a never ending source of motivation for all your projects and passions. This voice will give you resolution for the ... Read More
Mary, Just Mary
I, Mary, just Mary, wish to remind you All of your power.  You have spent lifetimes unlearning your connection to the Divine and your ability to manifest.  There is much to do.  With a clear intent, the universe will provide for you all that you need to clear the programming and find your heart space.  Your heart holds all the power.  Your mind was only created to function in the physical form.  Know that your brain’s function is overrated.  It is time for you to connect with the love that generates the life force all around you. The more ... Read More
Mary Speaks
I am Mary, just Mary.  I am the spirit that has lived the life of Mary from the time of Jesus.  I am asking that all the traditional stories of me be set aside to have the experience of my message for you today. The creation of a sacred heart space for yourself is a gift to you.  It a place for reflection when the lessons are many.  Retreat within to your heart to remove hurt so you may be at peace with the outside world.  This space can be cultivated by each and everyone of you.  My Children, I ... Read More
doubt kills intuition
Doubt kills intuition.  Intuition stems from  a strong body-mind connection.  It is a knowing that is crystal clear.  It is a form of feminine knowledge.  The human body contains both masculine and feminine aspects.  To remain in balance, the body-mind connection must be diligently maintained.  There are many of you who believe in one extreme or another.  This is an imbalance.  To ignore your physical body because you have spend many hours developing your spiritual connection or the opposite, developing your body and expect a healthy balance.  Any extreme will not bring you the pea... Read More
Your Garden
Plant a Seed first, then allow the universal energy to infuse it with the love it needs to grow.  Your deepest wishes only need your faith and Love to manifest.  When you plant an actual seed, you do not remove it from its nurturing environment to get a progress update.  The act of planting is a faith filled activity. Trust your Seed has its own vitality.  Your Seed has a will to grow all on its own.  The growth cannot not be managed by the mind or by tasks.  You may revisit your Seed to give it more Love, like ... Read More
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