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Healthy, Easy Eats
This throw-together meal is a tasty, no-brainer on nights when you want something substantial without slaving over a hot stove.  This was a kitchen sink concoction using whatever I had in the fridge.  It can easily be converted to a gluten free and/or vegan recipe.  Prep/Cook time: 25 minutes Ingredients: Tortillas- flour, or corn if you want tacos instead Frozen fish of your choice- I used Trader Joe’s battered fish nuggets, 2 nuggets per burrito Frozen corn- approximately 1 cup Green cabbage- 1/4 head Red... Read More
Mini Medi: A Moment Before Movement
Reducing stress doesn’t require hours of practice every day.  Studies have shown that brain waves begin to change just after 15 minutes of meditation.  So, whether you are new to the practice or are a seasoned pro with precious little time, it is possible to reap the benefits from just a few minutes a day. Making time before you start your day is an easy way to set a positive tone.  You don’t even have to get out of bed.  Instead of trying to get 10 more minutes of unsuccessful snoozing, concentrate on your breath instead.  Strong, deliberate ... Read More
The Fallout That We Create
Letting Go Of Other Peoples Crap And Keeping Yours To Yourself My mom and I were driving down the road, chatting about life, spirituality and the energetic and symbolic implications of driving a clean “vehicle” as I’d just been bragging about washing my literal vehicle for the first time in months.  No biggie, just typical, light conversation for us.  And suddenly, a spray of water jettisoned from the white Kia Sorento in front of me and beaded my newly clean windshield with a thin, crystal veil. What the heck? Why does a car’s windshi... Read More
Why Are We “Hacking” Our Lives?
As I write this, I’m steeling myself for some backlash from avid “hackers” be they of the bio (a la Dave Asprey) or life design , but let me say this to you out there.  I come in peace!  I’m not disparaging the tips, tricks and processes that keep you guys feeling, looking and living your best.  All of us should be finding a routine that allows us to accomplish this.  As a matter of fact, I welcome any amicably presented information, education or conversation that helps us all learn more about the philosophy behind this lifestyle. It’s ... Read More
Up Your Game
Did you know that hypnosis can help you improve your game?  Simple guided and self-hypnosis techniques can help improve focus and performance.  It can help increase calm and quite literally improve physical performance and endurance too.  Michael Jordan, Mary Lou Retton, even Tiger Wo ods have used it as part of their respective training strategies.  Whether you are a trail runner or a running back, hypnosis can be a beneficial part of any training strategy. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that involves having focused attention and reduced ... Read More
Resolution Vs. Intention
Now that we are head-long in to 2017, let’s stop and assess how we are all doing with our resolutions. Are you going strong? If you have found yourself losing your resolve or giving up all together there are ways you can renew your desire to create changes. Did you know that by shifting your point of view just a bit, you can get back on track? First of all, review your resolutions and then get them out of your space. Throw them away, delete them from your device, scatter them to the winds. Next, let’s revise those ... Read More
Reiki through therapeutic touch- It’s not magic, but the experience is magical
So what is this Reiki stuff people keep talking about? Read More
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