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Vibrations of Good Words Heal ~~

Vala Fawn
“Our colors and features differ.

However, in the eyes of God (creator/source)

We are one -

All children of His great kingdom.”

- Meishu-sama

The belief and associations of words are quite powerful as we have all witnessed throughout our lives. Whether we are feeling the sadness from words or the lack of them from our family or friends,w e are greatly shaped forever. We definitely get to choose wisely in order to keep peace and cause no suffering unto others. This choice allows the magic of healing words to effect others in positive ways!
The vibrations of words get to be felt for all there hidden or seen attributes without judgment. It is up to the receiving party to choose what he believes from others words and this will make determine the effects. An action so detrimental to humanity, speaking, gets to be considered deeply. What effects will your words leave up it's recipients? What is the intention of your words?

I chose this subject as a way to reflect upon my practice as an Associate Polarity Practitioner. (Transformational Healing) One Sound Healing teacher taught us an entire day, (Hypnosis) on using the "good words" as part of the counseling aspect.
The use of good words alone brought so much joy and relief to clients, I was amazed. Several "AH HA" moments were gained when relating to others and their truth~ Seeing beyond their story to assist them with, "good words" to bring them to a higher vibration where healing is as natural a breathing! And healing is that simple, once we get out of the way. (Be in the heart with letting go of the mind & control)

I have been to Japan three different times to explore + learn the ways of healing in the east. The following is from Wikipedia in regards to ancient poetry, before Haiku. I chose, "Waka" short pieces that need no rhyming~ When feeling depressed, guaranteed, ~ ultimately bringing joy when focused on "The Good Words"
There may not be good words around, so make a list of them to keep with you for those moments when you are tested to Stay Strong & Carry On~

On the white sand
Of the beach of a small isle
In the Eastern Sea
I, my face streaked with tears,
Am playing with a crab.

– Ishikawa Takuboku[9]

The poem above has such an amazing twist in that there is the joy and yet the acknowledgment of the shadows, being the best with what is, she ends by "playing' finding a way to feel the good vibrations of life amongst the tears of reality.

Joy to your Way~ And make it a "good word" day! Aho! In Light~


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