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Sprouted spreads instead!

Vala Fawn
I have discovered the simplicity of creating sprout dishes that yield amazing nutrients. Take any favorite salad, vegetable condiment or spread and add sprouts. I am not only speaking of traditional bean sprouts and seeds and nuts as well. The combining of other sprouts gives your dish an flavor that does not leave your guests making remarks such as, "that is healthy huh?" Disguising your sprouts with lemon juice and Shoyu sauce or light salt soy sauce and tahini.

My favorite sprout to mix in is oat groats, sunflower seeds and almond sprouts. These are quite "meaty" hearty and take the bite out of the sprouts!

One dish of sprouts a day is all it takes to get you started and hooked before too long. They are hearty and dense so a lil goes a long way when making spreads or salsa's or Tabbouleh's~ Using spices you like that are good for your bodies particular constitution is also a great nutritional addition~ make it yummy~ Healthy gets to be attractive to your palate to really be utilized in the body!

Feel Alive! Eat Sprouts!


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