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Vala Fawn
News from the Center by Facilitator of Soul Movements taught by Bert Hellinger~

Dear Valerie

I have been asking myself, how do we stay centered in this time period of turbulent change, and loss. How do we avoid overwhelm, and stand with open-hearted strength to be with the enormity of these times. I am reminded to call on my ancestors. Through this deep experience I find my place, come into balance, and resonance with the greater knowing.

I am happy to share this you: I create a sacred space by inviting in my parents to stand behind me, with my ancestors standing behind them. Allowing myself the time to connect deeply, together we face in the same direction, towards whatever may difficult to face. With the support of my own ancestors who have experienced the losses and traumas of their lives standing behind me, I feel strengthened, and connected to the foundation to life itself.

All Constellation Work is about seeing and feeling what is difficult, and connecting to the greater knowing present. When we do this there is a blessing for all, for myself, my ancestors, that which we are seeing, their ancestors, and all of our descendants. We are all one, and life goes on, even when it appears otherwise.

No matter what the issue, our ancestors want us to thrive. They are invested in the future through us. The challenges we face on a personal and planetary level seem overwhelming at times. To face them alone is absurd. All indigenous cultures are aware of the foolishness, and danger of living life as if the past does not affect the present.

I invite you to join in me this work, either by phone, or in person and discover the deep support and resolution that is available for most any issue. As we experience the hidden dynamics in our life and family, reconnecting to the truth and love of our ancestors, we are strengthened and free to take our rightful place in life.

Many Blessings

I look forward to speaking with you soon.



I had to post this since I felt it very important information for us all even more at this time and huge transformations for our human race! Enjoy the Ride being "reflective opposed to reactive and Sourcing vs. Searching" this last phrase by Gerry Clow and amazing teacher + light worker of transformational healing.

May you be blessed with stillness and courage~ Vala


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