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Still Practicing Presence~

Vala Fawn
As I reread over blogs from 2007 I realize that even now there are struggles with being completely let go and present without an agenda or intentions of thoughts~ Being aware of the fluttering around, shallow breathing, and the run-on of unrest that follows me. I feel as if a big chunk of insight and breakthroughs have occurred these last several years. Patiently I will continue to watch and listen to my breathe~

I have more tools, so distractions are sneaking in every way possible. One step at a time and slowing down actions & pace come to mind. I just read an amazing book by the great amazing teacher, Thich Nan Han (sp?) His very simple to read book has some elemental exercises to apply to daily life interactions to stay on track of a mindful life~

Today I spent over three hours in ritual and communing with elders to ask for guidance~ I set intentions for the rest of the month in hopes of nothing and everything. I seek Simplicity and 'Sustained Stillness" (Catey) Gave me that phrase which I have taken to heart and intend to include in my daily breath exercises~

Freedom is right under our noses literally~ As we breath and think so we are~
Persistence + courage are in my toolbox now~ and it's not in ease times where they are most needed~ Today the planets were all aligned with firey signatures lighting up my own personal star chart to activate an evolution of my soul for this lifetime~ I am grateful and appreciate this challenge even though I had judgment for how I "handled" the energy challenge~ I got a lil on the firey side of reactions opposed to "responding" the beauty way. Which leads to another rediscovered tool yelling at me, singing. Ancient songs such as "Walking the Beauty Way" are such lovely options for ways to vent energy in order to transmutate them to grace~

I feel great!


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