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Healing With Ancient Stones

Vala Fawn
I am researching ways of healing through the use of our friends in the mineral kingdom!
Here is an amazing site from which I am using as a resource!

Never under estimate the gifts our planet earth is providing for our health and vitality that is free and just waiting to assist! The above site gives the foundational stones that work with our systems for all balancing! Be proactive and responsible for your health every day. As we maintain our vehicles to get us to our next appointment in life, why not get the body ready every day? Add the additives it needs to bring vitality to reality without the side effects of modern medicines that numb our bodies of it's intelligence to heal~ This method is basic yet takes time, and is it not to our advantage to make smooth transitions in life? How demanding are we of our bodies? Did you ask your body what it needs today to feel great? Asking what food it needs opposed to going after the cravings that suck you into abusive empty calorie toxic foods.

Choose well to feel well is a dedication that is just a step a way~ one step at a time to get there!
Take it easy on yourself, no guilt, just be.


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