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Move into Love

Vala Fawn

"Healing the Family Past" & Life's Hidden Symetery ..Book reference, misspellings~oops

I discovered the following online and will add my own experiences.

Through systemic constellations, a person is shown the true origin of the stated problem and new opportunities for disentanglement and resolution. The client can see and feel love flowing again in his or he family system. The experience of truth, loyalty, and love unfold before the client.

Constellation work is a powerful tool in sourcing the origin of our problems and finding a resolution steeped in deep healing within the complex and often tragic systems of the individual and their family. This work truly allows us to come home to ourselves, our family our source.

The truth is unveiled and they are at a cross roads of sorts as to whether they will continue to carry the story that they thought was true or choose a different path. At times this truth may be hard to grasp though with gentleness and time, the deep healing will occur from the inside out. The truth truly sets us free. Online resource unknown

“When we understand the systemic laws that allow love to unfold, we may help suffering families and individuals to find solutions, even after a lifetime of hate, anger, and abuse”. Bert Hellinger


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