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Soul Movements

Vala Fawn
Just when you think you "got it" aka. "know it all" there is this inevitable energy shift to wake you up to seeing more than you could imagine.. being open to even more unknown~
Pushing your beliefs forward~~ moving with time~ as natural as change is~~we are all one~

Family Systemic's move the soul towards completion of patterns played out within the lineage that now effects those now and the next 7 generations.
I chose to work with the wisdom of this field and my family on the other side to heal some issues now on my plate:   Owning my power, being aware of power struggles, giving up and the taking away of my power.  The big one is when there is a passive behavior towards a particular way of being/action that others want vs. what I feel is right for me. Knowing thyself again is best to keep your energy from  being sucked  by lack of "choice" in the matter.


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