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Psychosomatic Disorders - What can we do ...

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What is Psychosomatic Disorder?

Psychosomatic disease/illness/disorder - conditions that manifest themselves in physical symptoms but have no discernable underlying pathology.

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

In a lecture entitled 'Brain, Mind and Body Connections' - the latest installment of Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar's monthly Medicine and U community health forum, Dr. Abdel Moniem Abdel Hakam explained that the symptoms of psychosomatic disorders range greatly in severity and type, from mild complaints such as slight fatigue, weakness and insomnia to serious symptoms like mutism, chronic fatigue, paralysis, abnormal movements, blindness and deafness.

Low back pain and psychological disorder

A research conducted in Qatar between March and December 2012 concludes that the symptoms of depression and somatisation were prevalent among low back pain patients and that functional disability was higher in the patients.

There are many other researches done worldwide on psychosomatic disorders.

What can we do?

It is very important to analyze and try to understand whether the pain/discomfort you are going through is purely physical or is of psychological origin. The smart move will be to identify it in the beginning itself. You can surround yourself with more positivity than before, make conscious efforts to make yourself feel happy, engage in activities that you enjoy and similar other activities. Meditation is one of the great options in such cases. Meditation and mindfulness can greatly reduce your stress levels, making your thought process clear, removing any blockages and thereby reducing any pain/discomfort which was caused by stress.

Can Energy Healing Help?

If the intervention is done in the beginning, energy healing sessions can help within a week or few days. For long-term illnesses, the best option is combination of medication, regular doctor visits and energy healing sessions.

How does Energy Healing Help?

If you are going for Pranic Energy Healing, a pranic healer will work on the energy center responsible for emotions in your body along with the other energy centers. Malfunctioning of this energy center or chakra generally manifests as stress, fatigue, fear, lack of confidence, abnormal appetite etc and therefore, this is the primary energy center that needs to be worked on for a psychosomatic illness. Once this energy center starts functioning normally, the pain/discomfort that had resulted due to this gradually start disappearing and you can feel normal again. The changes can be subtle and gradual.

Some of the people who have experienced the healing sessions say, there were instances around them that used to anger them unusually and no matter how hard they tried, they could not control the instant outburst. After few initial sessions, these uncontrolled outbursts were controllable and the person could remain calm in situations that he/she could not think of acting normally. Along with these changes, there was physical relief experienced in lower back pain as well.

What next?

If you have a slightest doubt of your issue being psychosomatic in origin, you can try out any of the free healing sessions offered by various healers. You can also send an email to for more information.


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