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Healing Sessions at your Residence

The Vitality Cafe
We are glad to announce Healing Sessions at your Residence. The Healer can now visit your home and you can have in-person individual healing session in the location you are comfortable and familiar with. You can share your issues in complete privacy and confidentiality and also ask any questions regarding the method.

Who can Benefit?

The sessions are specifically designed for:
  • People who are unable to visit the center
  • Who prefer in-person healing
  • Who want to maintain their privacy
  • Terminally ill or bed-ridden individuals
  • Parents who would want healing for their children
  • People who wish to have peace and harmony in the family/home

What is Included?

A single session will last for one (1) hour. The breakdown is as follows:
  • 20 minutes - light exercises and meditation
  • 30-40 minutes - healing and counselling

How should I Prepare?

Before you call a healer for a session at your home, you need to make sure of the following:
  • There is no disturbance (television, mobile etc) in the room where you are planning to have healing.
  • The door can be kept open during the session, but the family members should be instructed not to intrude.
  • If the healing recipients are children, it is preferable that they are sleep during the healing. They should not stay in the room during meditation. Either or both parents will be meditating in this case.
  • The healing recipient should wear light and comfortable clothing
  • Jewelry and accessories should be minimized

How can I Schedule a Session?

You can send an email to mentioning the request for healing session at home, the location of your residence and relevant questions. We will contact you back with the availability of the healer in your area.


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