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A Single Session

The Vitality Cafe

Most of the people are not very clear on what happens in a single session at the Vitality Cafe, what they should expect and in what conditions they can opt for this option in their healing journey.  The post is aimed at answering the questions to its best.  Any questions can be sent by the contact form on the website or by email at

You can choose this option when you are going through a stressful situation or you can have it before an interview or an important meeting.  The session works really well with headaches, muscle pains, toothache, bringing down body temperature of children in case of high fever, general weakness due to sudden change in weather and other similar conditions.

What happens in this session is this.
  • Your energy body and energy centers are cleansed thoroughly.
  • Any stress energy is removed
  • Any emotional blocks (smaller ones) are removed
  • The body is filled up with fresh and rejuvenating energy

After the session, you may feel
  • Calm
  • Centered
  • Able to think clearly
  • More grounded

The 15-20 minutes spent for this session can make a big difference in the way you live your life.  Sometimes there are small and simple things that, when removed, give big relief.  You can also try this session for free.  You can visit the Free Healing page for details.


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