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Year of The Horse, The Love Mudra ...

Wendie Colter

Happy Year of The Horse!

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A wise friend once told me his favorite Chinese proverb is: "Ride cow, find horse." This means if you don't have a horse to ride right now (your ideal goals), just get on the cow (what's real for you currently) and get moving!

This great saying is a perfect metaphor for the year ahead. Year of The Horse energy is active, animated and lively, and is all about positive and straightforward communication. Keep reading for your special February Meditation on how to uplift your energy to speak your truth in every relationship! So, giddy up - and if you feel like you're not on the fast track to your goals yet - remember to "ride cow, find horse"!

The Love Mudra

Valentine's Day is about pampering our loved ones, but don't forget to treat yourself with maximum self-care and love, too. Here's a mudra for attracting and enhancing LOVE energy. Mudras are simple hand positions combined with easy breath work - like yoga for your hands! This mudra opens your heart chakra to receive more love - who doesn't want more of that??

Please use responsibly! If you feel any pain or discomfort in any part of your body while practicing, stop immediately.

Sit comfortably. Curl the middle and ring fingers of each hand down into your palms. Extend your thumb forward and point your first and pinky fingers upwards. With your elbows pointed downwards, bring your arms slightly upward and gently outward, opening your chest. Start with an in-breath of 8 counts, and an outbreath of one strong exhale. Repeat three to five times. Feel love and light around you as you breathe. I like to use affirmations with the in/out breaths. Here’s a great one for attracting love (you can use any affirmation you like!): “I am loveable and I am loved.” You can use the Mudra exercise before or after your February Meditation, or whenever you want to activate your heart chakra.

February Meditation – Speaking Your Truth

Click here to listen to your free Guided Meditation on heart-based communication with anyone in your life. Enjoy!


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