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Doors; Opening And Closing

Timothy Gay


"Every man is a door; when the door is closed, just search for the key gently! Remember that every door has a key!" ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

As things begin, they also end. This isn't just reserved to life and death but all things. The ebb and flow of the Universe. Doors are always opening and closing in our life. While in most cases it's usually pretty straight forward, doesn't mean it's always easy to accept or comprehend. A door that's opened or closed can bring about some terrible things or some great things. I believe that the doors that are opened by us, through one format or another, are benefiting us in some way. But why would the Divine life force that's all about Love allow us to open a doorway to a painful experience, or close a door that's benefiting us? Maybe there's something we're missing.

In my own life very recently, I've had a few doors shifting. From completing relationships with people and business partners, client shifts to coaching. Changes have shown up in various ways and through various sources. Early on in the door carousel, I took a lot of things personally. I use to ask questions like, "Did I cause this? What am I doing wrong? Why is this happening to me?" Even with all my spiritual teachings, I found myself out of alignment with love. Once I began to get centered in my own heart , I began to look at these experiences very differently.

Along our spiritual journey (and possibly before), we were taught by someone that life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. All of our experiences teach us lessons which brings us closer to our divine purpose. The more heart-centered and aligned with love we are, the easier it is to hear those messages. When doors began to shift on me in my new energy, I began to ask a different question.

What am I learning from this?

Everyone has something to learn from each experience. For example, a person in a relationship with an energy vampire is much easier to let go of. It may teach them to nurture their self. I find that people who allow others to suck them dry tend not to nurture themselves. Once they begin to nurture themselves, they begin to heal and experience another shift and more lessons to learn. With each healing, more shifts occur and new doors become available to them. Some tempt them to go back to their old ways while others, help them grow toward their full potential. At that point, it's a choice of what they really want in their life.

Once I began to ask that question, I was able to get divine insight, learn the lessons and raise my energy. It allowed me to move forward in my life much easier than before. Taking action wasn't as big of a deal as before.  It was important in asking that question that I was kind to myself and looked for the positive lesson, as there's always a positive lesson in each experience. While not all doors are meant to be opened, even they teach valuable lessons. Learning how to trust your intuition will help you know which doors to open and leave closed.

Much like quote, all experiences are doors. Not all doors are locked but even those that are have a key. Good news is, you already have it!


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