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Podcast Interview!

Timothy Gay


Ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to announce that I have been invited to be a guest on the podcast of 'On The Dean's List Radio'! I'm very excited and humbled by this amazing opportunity.

On The Dean's List is hosted by Dean La Douceur, who is a Detroit-area writer, author, publisher, and just an all around great guy. His podcast focuses on the art of conversation, in which, the podcast feels like a coffee shop conversation with two friends as opposed to a traditional radio interview. The approach allows for more organic information to flow and be shared. Dean's guests are a mix of local, national and international people. Some of his guests include: jazz musician Ken Navarro, voice actor Rob Paulsen, Canadian independent film maker Michelle Muldoon, and Tom Ziglar, Zig Ziglar's son. I am one of the next guests to be on his show. Dean and I will be discussing my journey as a musician, entrepreneur and a Theta Healer. I'm extremely excited about this because I have an opportunity to share so much about who I am and my story, which I finally feel I'm ready to share.

The podcast will be broadcast on April 16 at 11am EST. You can listen online at . The information will also be on my events page . Please pass this info along and be sure to tune it. Mark your calendars and I'll see you on the Dean's list!


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