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Holistic Chamber of Commerce

Timothy Gay


Last night (close to midnight) I received some the greatest news... I have been accepted to join the Holistic Chamber of Commerce! The Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) is a non-profit organization with chapters in the US and Canada, whose mission is to connect more people with holistic solutions and connect holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses with better business building solutions. I was very excited to be a part of this organization as they were launching a local chapter in my area and I loved their mission and energy. With their approach to growth in business and other areas in life, it matched my own journey and beliefs. I read an article recently about paying for spiritual services and I realized that I'm just another holistic service. Maybe I'll address that article in another post.

I'm excited to begin my journey with the HCC and what it offers. I'm already listed in their member directory and I'm excited connect and collaborate with many of the members of the chamber. I'm planning to do more speaking engagements in the coming weeks so keep an eye on the events listings . I'm excited about the opportunity to spread more Love and Light!

For more information on the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, please visit their website:


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